Wikipedia – the online encyclopedia is the most sought website, used by millions of people around the globe. Have you ever felt that Wikipedia needs a polish? Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with its current looks, a little touch up would definitely be welcomed and supported by many.

So what I am blabbering about?

Wikipedia gets a new look and feel without changing anything in its original website. Still confusing?

Well let me get straight to the point,

There is an extension called Wikiwand which will change the way you see Wikipedia.

Head right away to this website

Wikiwand extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari Browsers so pick one for your browser.

Once Wikiwand is installed you can click on any of the sample pages that are displayed in the thank you page or you can directly pull any of the Wikipedia pages that you would like to browse and you would be instantly redirected to better polished Wikipedia.

Wikiwand is also available for iPhone devices and one is expected for Android anytime soon.

Cool Features of Wikiwand

Once the extension is installed you will get redirected to Wikiwand website whenever you visit a Wikipedia page. You will get a top menu and a sidebar for page navigation.

  • You can still read the wiki article back at good old Wikipedia by clicking on the Read on Wikipedia link from the top menu. A shortcut to edit or print your article is also available from the top menu.

Wikiwand top menu

  • You can also change the font from serif to sans, switch to night mode, zoom in zoom out text and justify text.

Style Settings

  • Hit CTRL button twice to bring up the powerful wikiwand search.
  • The inline links in the wiki pages are now powered by a quick preview which makes it even better.

Instant Search on Wikipedia

  • Image Gallery is just a feast for your eyes.
  • You can also turn off Wikiwand without having to remove the plugin, hover on the W symbol shown at the bottom of your wiki page to¬†switch back.

Switch Back to Wikipedia

But i doubt you would ever need this.


Wikiwand turns even the boring pages of Wikipedia into interesting ones. A must have inseparable extension for any Wikipedia fan. Wikiwand is indeed a magic wand for Wikipedia :-) try it and let me know how you feel.