Anki – open source software, can help you to remember anything and yes possibly everything if you are willing to.

Anki uses a system called Spaced Repetition which is actually based on a phenomenon called spacing effect.

What can one learn using Anki

  • You can learn a new language, I just started with French :-)
  • You can memorize famous people’s names and faces; let me know if you need my picture 😉
  • You can master guitar chords and lengthy poems.
  • The possibilities are endless, you just have to try and see for yourself.

Installing Anki

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux/BSD, Mac, and Android/iPhone.

Installer Size: 25 MB

Space Required for Installation: 80 MB

Download and run the anki-2.0.26.exe installer.

Choose the interface language that suits you and click yes for the confirmation dialog that it prompts.

Creating a Deck

  • Launch the anki.exe from your desktop.
  • Click on the Create Deck button and provide a name for your deck. That’s it you have created your deck.

New Anki Deck

Now that you have created your first deck, let us go ahead and add some cards to it.

Adding Anki Flash Cards

  • Let us quickly create a card using the below question and answer.

Question: Who is the author of Mahabharata?

Answer: Vyasa

  • Click on the Add link which is in between Decks and Browse links.

New Anki Flash Card

  • Enter the above answer in the Front text section and the question in the Back text section. Click Add.

Anki Flash Card Question and Answer

  • You can keep adding as many cards as you want to this deck and when you are done just click on the Close button.
  • You can also attach Images, Audio and Video files to the cards to make it more engaging. Well is that it? No, actually you can customize the card itself and the fields in it, when you add a new card click on the Cards… button which will help you to make some customization’s.

Customize Anki Flash Cards

  • The customization’s can be done easily if you are aware of basic HTML and CSS knowledge.
  • Now you will be taken back to the Deck you have created. Click on the Study Now button to give it a shot.

Note: If you enter a question and answer, which is already available (duplicate), then Anki will detect and show you duplicate card, provided it is an exact match. Texts in cards are case sensitive hence Vyasa is different from VYASA.

Online Anki Flashcards

If you are in a hurry to see how these flash cards work then you can click on the Get Shared button, which will take you to the online ankiweb. Various Decks are placed under 10 languages and under 10 categories. You can download the deck that suits your interest and start learning them.

Anki Online Flashcards

Anki also provides statistics based on your learning which I will leave it to you to explore. The Anki team has put in tremendous effort to craft a wonderful manual which I would strongly recommend, if you are pretty serious about using Anki.

Learning is fun and Anki makes it even better, so how do you learn new stuff? Do you use flashcards? Share your views and opinions. If you feel this article is useful, request you to share it with your friends and family, someone will be benefited.