Running out of Disk Space? You need a Disk Space Analyzer to know which file or folder is occupying more space in your computer.

Buying a new hard disk, when your existing one ran out is not going to solve your problem. Better management of files and folder will not help you to access what you need easily but also saves you a lot of space.

Manually going through each drive and finding which the folders and files are taking more space is not going to work and is not a viable solution.

Use these Three Disk Space Analyzer’s to identify and reclaim your unwanted disk space back.


SpaceSniffer is a portable (1.46 MB) Disk Space Analyzer that uses Tree Map visualization same as WinDirStat but gives you more control on how the TreeMap actually looks.

Space Sniffer Tree View Visualization

  • You can use the Less Detail (CTRL ‘-‘) & More Detail (CTRL ‘+’) options to get a high level detail or an in-depth detail on a particular block.
  • You can use filters to actually narrow down your results and also export the Disk Space Analyzer data to a text file.
  • You can also Tag files that you want to inspect later and view them all by simply applying a filter.
  • If you like SpaceSniffer a lot and want to integrate it in the Context Menu then you can follow the steps that they have given in their tips and tricks page.


WinDirStat Disk Space Analyzer will help you to find files that you had forgotten for a long time and chuck them out.

WinDirStat Disk Space Analyzer

  • The installer size is just 631 KB and takes around 2MB of your disk space.
  • Huge files and folders will be displayed in color blocks at the bottom of the window called Tree Map. Start selecting the huge color blocks to know which file holds that space and clean them up.
  • Some may feel that the Tree Map is cluttered but take my word it is the most useful feature of WinDirStat. You can also enable/disable (F9) it from the Treemap menu.
  • On the Top Right a window frame will be displayed with colors and an Extension associated with each of them. You can easily find which extension holds most of the space in your drive using this.
  • You can either delete (DEL) a file or launch the explorer (CTRL + E) to move the file to some external storage from WinDirStat itself.


TreeSize is a free disk space analyzer that comes in both installer (3.2MB) and portable (2.5MB) versions.

TreeSize displaying properties

  • There are five views available to analyze the disk usage.
  • When you mouse hover on the folders displayed in the TreeSize window, it provides additional information like Permissions, Path Length, Directory Level, etc.
  • You can use the Expand Menu to expand the folders step by step up to 6 Levels or use the Full Expand option.
  • You can use Wildcard or Regex filters to exclude certain folders/files from getting displayed.
  • You can also print a nice professional report for your future reference.

Other Disk Space Analyzer’s

Space Monger

  • Only available as trail version and is limited for 30 days.

Folder Size

  • You cannot save the report or apply filter using the free version.

Are you using a better Disk Space Analyzer? Care to Share with us?