Are you looking out for a browser that provides the most wanted features without having to add extensions? Well you have come to the right place, Maxthon is a cool browser that has excellent features built-in to quench your browsing experience.

The twelve Maxthon features listed here promises a fun packed browsing experience. So let’s have a quick look at them.

1) Resource Sniffer

Maxthon’s resource sniffer lists all the Videos, Audios and Images that are available for you to download from the current webpage that you are viewing. You can either list the files just for the page you are viewing or list all the files that are  available  from all the pages in the website.

Maxthon Resource Sniffer

A very useful feature who regularly downloads images and video files.

2) Night Mode

If you are using Firefox or Chrome then you should have come  across  the extension Turn off lights, the extension will make your browser more suitable for reading webpages at night time by changing the background and foreground colors.

Maxthon Night Mode

In Maxthon this feature is available inbuilt and you can access it using Customize Quick Tools menu. The night mode settings can also be configured to automatically switch your browser to night mode between the time frame that you specify.

3) Snap

A feature that captures a screenshot of your entire web page (Ctrl+F2) and allows you to save it as an image in png, jpeg or bmp format. Alternatively you could also use the Snap Region (Ctrl+F1) option to just capture what you want.

Maxthon Snap Region

When you use the Snap Region you could actually see the current size of the area that you have captured so far and also provides some basic tools to even alter the image before you save it.

4) External Tools

Place your frequently accessed programs/tools here and just launch them from the browser itself.

Maxthon External Tools

You can access the External Tools from the Customize Quick Tools menu.

5) Mouse Gesture

I did mention about having fun with your browser, didn’t I? Well Maxthon’s mouse gesture feature will push you away completely from your keyboard and have all the fun you want.

Maxthon Mouse Gesture

You can configure all your shortcuts in Mouse Gestures and trigger actions based on mouse patterns just like you swipe on your smart phone, cool isn’t it?

 6) Split Screen

This option splits the browser into left and right panes. You can open your  websites in these two panes for better and faster browsing experience. You can invoke split screen option by pressing F10 key.

7) Mute Control

You have to no longer turn off your speakers to mute sounds. Mute Control option helps you to mute volume inside the browser, you can just mute the web with a click.

8) Dual Display Engine

Maxthon Dual Engine

By default Maxthon uses the Ultra Mode (Webkit) to render your pages. If you want to view an old website so bad that doesn’t load properly in your browser, then use the Retro Mode (Trident) in Maxthon which will make older websites load on your browser faster.

9) Maxthon Reader Mode

Those who just need to read the content from a blog/website can make use of the Reader Mode.

Maxthon Reader Mode

You can also enable the Night mode when you are in Reader Mode and the content can be Zoomed in and out for better reading experience.

10) Restore Last Closed Page

Do not worry if you had accidentally closed a web page, you can easily bring it back to life using the Restore Last Closed Page option, you can just use the shortcut Alt+Z to use this option. I personally love this option a lot and if there is a counter built inside the browser then this would be on top, in terms of usage.

11) Maxthon SkyNote

You can quickly scribble down all your notes in Sky Note without having to add an extension or open a notepad.

12) URL alias

This feature is  similar  to Slim Browser’s Alias Definitions feature. Just access your favorite websites by just typing few words instead of long urls. You can add all your favorite URLs that you want to launch using the URL alias under Address Bar section in Maxthon settings page . Type about:config in  the browser’s address bar  to access Maxthon Settings Page.

There are also a set of tools packed in the footer like CPU Usage, your local and public ip address, upload and download speed etc.

Maxthon Footer Tools

Great set of features isn’t it? Already using Maxthon? What do you like the most ?