Ghost is the new blogging platform that was released to the public back in October. Since then there were lot of questions and expectations around Ghost.

People are expecting Ghost to be the Future of Blogging and some even see it as a replacement for WordPress. But let time answer these questions, for now let’s just start exploring Ghost and see what this new blogging platform offers.

You can setup and run Ghost from your local system itself, I wrote an article on how to do that over here

Or you can save all your time and just setup and run Ghost using the official Ghost hosting service that the Ghost Team have launched few days back.

Ghost Hosting Free Trail

Ghost hosting is available for end users to test and try the platform for 30 days.

Go ahead and login into the official Ghost website.

As the buttons state, if you want to start a new Ghost Blog hit the green button or download the latest Ghost Source code by hitting the blue button.

Ghost Hosting Options

Let’s hit the Green button for now.

You will be presented with a page where different hosting plans are listed out and none of them are free. Wait don’t turn away. There is a 30 Day Free Trail option, why don’t we just try that? So let’s go ahead and hit that green button again.

Without any further questions you will be presented with a screen to enter your breathtaking blog title and URL. Enter those and hit the Create New Blog button.

That’s it!!! Your new Ghost Blog is ready :-) so how do you login into your blog? Just click on the Login button beside the name of your blog.

You will be taken to the signup page to get started with your new blog, complete that and you will be logged in. If you are new to Ghost Blogging Platform then Moving Ahead with Ghost article can help you around a little bit.

Artic Post on Ghost Hosting Platform

You can check my Ghost Blog at

Ghost’s Best

  • Ghost is just meant for content, plain and simple. As a writer you can just start pouring your thoughts without worrying about settings, plugins or anything else.
  • Big thumbs up for Markdown, formatting text is a lot easier now. Which also means there is no tool bar, so don’t search for one :-)

What can be improved?

  • The Blog title is not updated with the one I gave during the setup, but you can change it from the Settings -> General Tab if you want.
  • Though I am logged in, when I view the website I couldn’t find an option to return back to the backend. Navigation system has to be improved a lot.
  • You don’t have an option to categorize your blog posts.
  • No revisions are stored, so just make sure you have a copy of what you change.

Let’s hope a lot more changes and improvements will be made by the Ghost Team. Till then just stay tuned with Ghost Roadmap to see what features are coming up in the near future.

So are you already using Ghost? What do you like the most?