Losing your phone is the worst thing that could happen and tracking it down is a bigger problem. Though there are some applications available in the market to track lost android phone, let us see how to do it without any of them installed.

Though you don’t need an app, you must ensure that the below requirements are met,

  • You mobile should be connected to the internet.
  • Your mobile should have the Location Services under Settings in your Phone turned on – this allows apps to use your location information.

Now go to Android Device Manager website and login using the Gmail id that you use in Play store to download Apps. If are not sure which id you used, just open the play store app and click on the symbol on the top left hand corner which will show you the email id that you used. Make a note of this today.

Google Play Store Email ID

Once you have logged into the Android Device Manager, You should see the device name and the status of the mobile (online/location unavailable).

Track Lost Android Phone using Android Device Manager

Now click on the Ring button and you should see that the mobile rings an alarm. You can stop this sound by clicking on the Power button.

You can also Lock or Erase the data completely from your phone.

Though this may not work if your phone if switched off or mobile is factory reset, it still is a useful method to track your phone down without installing and using any third party applications or services.

And if you are looking for third party applications then you can try,


Android Lost

Both applications above, includes features that doesn’t just depend on the internet connectivity.

Apart from this, you can also enable Pattern Lock as a basic step to secure your device or Encrypt (Settings-> Security-> Encryption-> Encrypt Phone) your android mobile completely to ensure that your data doesn’t get into wrong hands. Encrypting your device requires full battery charge and takes more than a hour to complete. Interrupting the encryption process may in data loss so don’t mess it up.

Encrypt your Android Device

So how do you secure your Android Phone and what tools do you use? Share and Spread the knowledge if you find this useful.