Long gone are the days where people just had to depend on hard copies of books. EBooks are the most preferable way of reading books in today’s world since it is more easier to carry them, you can carry thousands of EBooks in your pocket just like that but do you think it is possible with hard copies? Nope, so below is a list of top websites where you can get free E-Books.


Dailylit Free EBooks provider

Dailylit is a cool website that can actually make you read books by sending your favorite books to your inbox in installments.Visit Website



Smashwords free eBook website

Smashwords is a website that has paid books but you can filter the free books which are around 46000 plus.Visit Website


Read Print

Read Print free ebook website

Read Print is a website where people and books meet, it has thousands of free online Books.Visit Website


Free Ebooks from University of Adelaide

Free eBooks from Adelaide

This is a website of University of Adelaide where you can find some classic works of civilization for free.Visit Website


Online Library of Liberty

Free eBooks on liberty

This website offers a collection of scholarly works about individual liberty and free markets.Visit Website


Free EBooks from NASA

free ebooks from NASA

Well you can’t expect comic books from NASA, can you? So if you are interested in Aeronautics this the right place for you.Visit Website



Free eBooks from Feedbooks

This website has both paid and free e-books, check the public domain sections for all the free e-books that you can get.Visit Website


New Free Ebooks

This website has Novels, mystery, romance, thriller, history, spiritual and more. If you directly click the links provided in this website you will get a Not Found error so just copy the link and paste it in your browser.Visit Website



Free eBooks at Manybooks.net

You can browse books by Author, Titles, Genre, and Language. There are more than 29000 books that are available for you to download in different formats.Visit Website


E-Books Directory

There are around 660 categories with more than 9000 free ebooks. You can also submit and promote your books if you have written any.Visit Website


Creative Commons Free Ebooks

Creative Commons Free Ebooks

A list of books that are Creative Commons which you can download.Visit Website

Loyal Books

Loyal Ebooks for Free Ebooks

Loyal Books provides you free audio books and ebooks that are from the public domain which can be freely downloaded and distributedVisit Website


The list is not an exhaustive one, will add more to it as and when a new repository is found. Found this post useful? Share it with your circle.