Below is a list of cool websites that could take most of your time or all of it once you are into them. This list will never be a complete one, how could I possibly say that it’s a complete list, when thousands of websites are born every day. That’s why you don’t see a top 10, 20 numbers on the headline :-)

Visit this page often to see new websites getting added and broken ones removed (your help would be highly appreciated) every now and then. So what are you waiting for? Get started right now.

Silk – Interactive Generative Art

Silk Interactive Cool Website

Unleash your imagination using this cool website that lets you to splatter your mind on its canvas. Click on the controls to change colors, rotational symmetry, etc. You can also undo your last action, so do not worry if you have messed up something. Once you are done you can also save the artistic image that you had created. By the way this is also available as an app for iPad and iPhone.

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Ana Somnia

Ana Somnia Cool website of dreams

Do not forget to switch off your lights before you start watching this. No daemons or exorcist pictures will freak you out, so just relax and watch it.

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This is Sand

This is Sand website

Are you a designer or an aspiring one? Show your talent by using sand. Don’t worry, the sand does come in different colors, press C from your keyboard to access the color palette and pick your favorite color. Please drop by the gallery to view inspirational sand designs created by users.

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The Idiot Test


Prove to the world that you are not an idiot by taking up this simple online test.

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Record Tripping

Record Tripping Game

Play this wonderful game that just needs to mouse to work properly. The game may take a while to load depending on your internet speed, so you patience is also required.

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Cute Roulette

Cute Roulette of cool videos

Watch the cutest videos that are curated in this cool website.

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Multiplayer Piano

Multiplayer Piano

No longer you have to play a piano alone, join a large group of people who will join with you. There is also a chat window available which can help you to collaborate.

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Sketch Swap

Cool website to swap your Sketches

Draw something and get a new picture for exchange. what you see above is what i got in exchange, lucky isn’t it?

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Translation Telephone

Cool website that does funny translation

If you have ever played the “telephone” game then this should be very familiar to you. One small change that you will see here is, Google translation service is used instead of real people. The website translates your input into 20 random languages and finally gives you the result back in the language you selected which sometimes is very funny.

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100 Meter Scroll

100 Meter Scroll cool websites

You may be a fast runner on tracks, are you a fast scroller on screen? How fast can you scroll? What’s your best time?

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Sommer Sommer

Cool website to check if you are right or left brained

A cool website that tells whether you are right-brained or left-brained. Answer a few questions and you will know it.

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Ball On A String

Click the ball to change the color

A simple game that could make you go bonkers. You have to click the ball on a string to change its color, how far can you go?

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Fun Switcher

Fun Switcher - a cool website that plays theme music

Turn on the switch to hear your favorite theme music from Movies, Games, TV Shows, etc.

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Isotope3 – A Flash Spirograph

Isotope Spirograph

Play around the settings to create pretty cool patterns. You can then copy the URL and share it with your friends which has the spiral effects that you had created.

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The Great Language Game

Identify the language from the audio

There are thousands of languages spoken all over the world and out of that, audio of 80 languages have been recorded and played to you from which you have to find the correct language. Wanna try?

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PAP – Passive Aggressive Passwords

Cool website that comments on your password strength

Do you want to know what your in-laws have to say about your password strength :-) just try it but do not enter your real passwords.

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The Quiet Place Project

A cool website that you will never forget

A must visit website that will show you something that you might have missed in your busy life.

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Pointer Pointer

Move your mouse pointer inside the rectangle that you see in this cool website and your mouse pointer will be pointed out using a picture.

Pointer Pointer a cool website

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Did you have fun with these cool websites? If yes, share and spread the joy. Got something better? Just share it with us.