You may often land on a new product page or a website that offers interesting stuff but may require your email address in return. If you are not sure about the website and its authenticity it is often really difficult to give away your real email address, due to the volume of spam that may bombard your inbox. Many of  them might have an alternative email address which they explicitly use it for subscription and other purposes.

Although the above approach of using an alternative email id is a good idea, how about using an anonymous email provider that is specially available for these reasons?

Below are some of the top anonymous email providers that can quickly help you to create and use an anonymous email id.

10 Minute Email

10 Minute Anonymous Email

10 Minute Email generates a random email id that is valid for 10 minutes, if you want to extend the validity of your email id just click on the Give me 10 more minutes link. You just have to stay on the same web page where your email id is generated because that’s where the inbox is also located. After 10 minutes your email id will be self-destructed.


Mailinator Anonymous Email

Mailnator helps you to generate an email address or an inbox that you can use for a longer period, oh yeah definitely more than 10 minutes. But the downside of this service is that there is no privacy, you can use any inbox if you know the name of it, which shouldn’t be really tough to find out. Also the emails that are delivered to your inbox will get deleted after few hours, so do not use this for private and confidential matters.


Dispostable Anonymous Email

Dispostable provides you an inbox on the name that you choose and is very similar to Mailnator. Your unread messages older than 3 days are automatically deleted which is better than Mailnator which just provides few hours. You could also download the email in EML format.



Mainesia is yet another anonymous email service that you can make use of. To check when the emails are getting deleted you should check the stats section. Don’t forget to check their features section to see what other options they provide.

Test Anonymous Email Services

Now you need a way to test whether the above anonymous email services works or not, isn’t it? You can’t actually use a real email address to check this which will totally defeat the purpose of recommending these email services. I recommend that use Anonymous Mail which actually helps you to send an email without bothering about the source or destination email address.

send emails using

Create two anonymous email addresses from the above list of email services and try using them in anonymous mail.

There is another question that may arise in your mind which is the visitor IP address that is used to check these emails, aren’t they tracked? Yes they may or may not be, but to stay completely anonymous you should consider using a VPN or Tor network.

The above are just a few anonymous email providers to start with, I will keep adding to this list as and when new services are found.

The coolest thing about these anonymous email providers is, you don’t need a password to get in and doesn’t require you to register.

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