When you like a page from a website you start adding the links to your browser’s bookmarks folder, we call this as bookmarking. Though there is nothing wrong in it there are some downsides of having all your favorite links just in your browser.

Why should you stop adding bookmarks to browsers?

Though you can temporarily have your bookmarks in your browser I strongly recommend moving all your bookmarks to an online bookmarking website. There are three reasons why you shouldn’t store your bookmarks locally:

1) Your favorite website links just sit in your local computer and you cannot access them from anywhere else.

2) It’s very difficult to organize a huge list of  website links and search them from your browser.

3) The website links that you have added to your bookmark folder in one browser, may not be available in another.

So what you should you do now? There are a lot of cool and powerful online bookmarking websites available which you should probably start looking into. I have listed some of them here, just try them out and reap the benefits out of it.


Kippt stands for Keep It, an online bookmarking website that helps you manage all your links easily. Once you signup and login into Kippt you will be taken directly to the Inbox where you can start adding all your links right away.

Kippt Online Bookmarking

The links that you add in the Kippt Inbox will be stored with a preview of the web page. This makes it very much easier to access the links by just looking at the preview image instead of manually skimming through the links one by one.

You can also create a List with privacy mode set as either private or public. You cannot create more than 10 private lists in the standard edition, so if you need more you have to upgrade to Pro version.

A free app called FeedLeap can help you to add all the links of your favorite website into KIPPT through RSS feeds. You can also add your favorite links to Kippt by just mailing them to your Kippt inbox mail address.

Kippt Email Address

In KIPPT extras section (click Your Profile to see the additional links on the left side of the Kippt inbox) you will find the unique email address of your Kippt inbox, do not share this id with anyone it’s just for you.


Note: YABS Seems to be no longer available.

YABS is a plain and simple online bookmarking tool and stands for Yet Another Bookmarking Tool. You have to sign in with your Google account to use YABS. You can add your favorite links in YABS via Clips.

Yabs online bookmarking

When you add a new clip in YABS you can provide a Title, Source from when you got the URL and a nice rich text editor is available to add your links and provide more information about your favorite link. You can also add tags to the links that you add to YABS.

By default YABS displays your links based on the date of creation. Tags can help you filter your favorite links. If Tags aren’t working then you could always search for the links using the YABS search bar.

3) Putmi

Putmi is a very powerful online bookmarking tool with a cool User Interface. Create Folders in Putmi and start adding your bookmarks to it. Using the Share Folder option under Actions menu, you can just select a folder in Putmi and share it with friends through email.

If you already have a huge list of bookmarks in your browser then you can just export them as html file and import them easily into Putmi.

Putmi Online Bookmarking

If you have accidentally misplaced a link in the wrong folder then you can easily move them to another folder. Putmi’s Preview Mode helps you to preview webpages and videos without having to visit the actual website.

4) Pocket

Pocket can be easily accessed from your computer, ios and android mobile devices. You can add your favorite links by logging into Pocket or you can just send the links to the add@getpocket.com email id from the email address you registered with Pocket. You need to confirm your email address to get this working. You can also Tag your links for better bookmark management.

Pocket Online Bookmarking

You can find your links through tags or you can search for them directly. This great online bookmarking website automatically categorizes your links into Articles, Videos and Images, so it’s a handy way to find your links faster.

You can view the complete content of the articles that you have bookmarked from Pocket itself without having to go to the actual website.

5) Pinterest

Pinterest is a widely used online bookmarking website. You can create boards to organize related bookmarks together and share them with your friends. Whenever you add a Pin (each bookmark you add in Pinterest is called a Pin) it is visible to everyone in Pinterest.

Pinterest Online Bookmarking

When you want some of the links just for yourself you can also create something called Secret Boards. Please note that you cannot have than more than three Secret Boards.

You can skim through the Pins created and shared publicly through the various categories that are available in Pinterest. You can also follow a maximum of five boards that match your area of interest. Pinterest is more than just a bookmarking tool, it is an online repository of valuable nuggets all in one place.


You can add links to Diigo online bookmarking website by importing your existing bookmarks or using chrome, Firefox or IE extensions. When you land into your Diigo library for the very first time you won’t be able to find a direct option to add your links (I wasn’t able to find it) unless you import or use the browser extension. So you can directly use the following url to start adding your first link – https://www.diigo.com/item/new/bookmark

You can export all your saved bookmarks from your Diigo library into RSS, CSV, Delicious formats quite easily.

Diijo Online Bookmarking

You can directly publish your favorite links to your blog from Diijo using the Publish to Blog option or you can schedule Auto Blog Post that posts links to your blog on daily or weekly basis.

7) Springpad

Note: Springpad was shut down on June 25th, 2014 and is no longer available.

Springpad online bookmarking helps you to organize your springs (links) into Notebooks. Create a notebook using any of the existing templates that is provided by Springpad or create a blank new notepad from scratch.

Springpad can also be used to scribble notes, add a task that you have planned for the day or make a checklist and get all those things done by setting a reminder too.

You could also search for springs (links) that are available within your notebooks and those which are shared by fellow springpad members too. You can also follow other Notebooks in Springpad.

Springpad Online Bookmarking

You can set your notebooks privacy mode to either public or private and you can also add more people to contribute to your notebook using the Notebook Collaborators option.

You can pick a theme and binding color for your notebook to make it look pretty. The notebook front cover will be automatically filled with the images that are added in your Notebook.

8) Delicious

Delicious provides a simple online bookmarking user interface to add all your favorite links and also tag them. You can use the iPhone or Andriod App to bookmark links from your mobile too.

Delicious Logo

Tag Bundle can help you to group related tags in a logical manner. You can filter your links using Tags, Tag Bundle, using the Months in a year, using the privacy mode private or public.

Use site-wide shortcut keys to move up or down the navigation bar and perform other actions in Delicious. You can see what shortcuts are defined by navigating to the https://delicious.com/shortcuts link.

Are you using any of the above online bookmarking website ? If not, how are you managing your bookmarks?