I don’t want to give you an introductory note on Google Chrome, but I wanted you to know about  the top 6 must have chrome extensions that could be missing in your chrome browser.

1) Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom extension helps you to enlarge and view the thumbnails of an image just by moving your mouse on top of an image without having to click on it. There are options that are available for you to play with and configure hover zoom to suit your needs. For example the Action Keys options in Hover Zoom can be configured to perform certain actions like saving an image/opening the current image in a new tab. I had never turned off this extension since the day it was added to my chrome.

2) SearchO Extension

SearchO lets you to search what you need simultaneously on different search engines. You can add your favorite search engines to this extension. With the Top Horizontal Bar enabled on your search pages you could switch search engines with just a click and coolest part is that it even searches your bookmarks when performing the search.

Top 6 Must Have Chrome Extensions

3) OneTab

When you have multiple tabs opened in Chrome it can eat up your memory since each of the Tabs and extensions are running as separate processes. When you are not browsing, you could just bring all your tabs into a single process using this extension which can save you lot of memory. You can also import additional URLs and have them launched when you restore the Tabs again. I also use this extension to export all the URLs that are available in my current Chrome session.

Top 6 Must Have Chrome Extensions

4) Ghostery

This one is for privacy, this extension gives you information on who is tracking you when you visit a website. Once you have added this extension to Chrome, every time when you visit a website a little purple box pops up on the top right of your screen which gives you the trackers names. You can also Whitelist a site to allow all trackers on the site, so don’t forget to  white list  Artic Post.

Top 6 Must Have Chrome Extensions

5) Webpage Screenshot Capture

You no longer have to use print screen key on your keyboard  to capture screenshots from web pages, Webpage Screenshot Capture extension allows you to take screenshot in three modes and presents them in an image editor provided by the extension itself where you could add something if you want before saving the image.

1) Visible Screenshot just captures what you see in your screen.

2) All Page Screenshot captures the complete web page.

3) Edit Content allows you to actually edit the web page that you see and then take a screenshot.

6) Evernote Clearly

A must have chrome extension for someone who just wants to  focus more on the content without any distractions. This extension just gives you the content that you wanted to read in a screen ambience that you choose. Ever seen blogs or news websites that split the article in two pages? This will bring down all the pages in one page and you just have to scroll. There are some themes available to customize the look and feel for the page that is displayed to you, so give it a try.

Please note that enabling all these extensions or more can have an impact on your browser performance. Hence its advised to turn off those extensions that you are not using by navigating to chrome://extensions/ or you can switch to incognito mode(Shift+Ctrl+N) to disable all off them at one go.

By the way i am curious, what’s your favorite Chrome extension?