Slim Browser is a lightweight browser that is based on Microsoft’s Trident Engine. I had listed this browser in one of my earlier post here and felt that i should really tell you why it had its place among the rest of them. It provides a lot of cool features like social network connectivity with sites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, etc., automatic form filler, instant photo sharing, language translation and many more without having to install any add-ons, plus it is fast. Below are the 6 top features of Slim Browser that you won’t find in your browser out of the box.

Slim Browser Logo

1) Save Screenshot

Ever wanted to save a copy of webpage contents/print it? Slim Browser’s save screenshot option lets you save a snapshot of the entire web page into an image file. You can access this feature from the File Menu -> Save Screenshot to capture the entire web page or you could just select the Capture Screenshot of selected area option and select a region in the web page to save that area alone.

2) Open Group Feature

Ever wanted to launch a set of websites together? Open Group Feature will help you. For example every time I connect to the internet and launch my browser I would definitely check my mails, see whats happening in my Facebook, love to twitter something and check how my stocks are doing. So instead of launching tabs and typing all these websites one by one, I can have them launched at one go using the Open Group Feature. Select Organize Groups from the Groups Menu in the Slim Browser add a group and provide a name for it.

Organize sites in groups

Now add the website URLs that you would like to launch to the Group that you have created. You could also set these websites to be launched automatically as soon as you open the browser by configuring the startup in Options under Tools Menu. Check the Open a specified group box and select the group that you have created and click OK. Now every time when you launch your browser the set of websites that you have configured will be lined up automatically in the tabs for you.

3) Alias Definitions

Control + Enter shortcut helps you to auto complete your website URL by prefixing “www” and suffixing “com”, which is available in every browser today but Alias Definitions in Slim Browser is for some of those who just want to get things done even faster.

Create Alias for your website

Open Artic Post website in Slim Browser and right click on the tab and click Create Alias… Provide an alias name, for example in the above screenshot i have specified the alias as “ap” and added it to the Alias Definitions. Now when i just type “ap” in the address bar and hit enter key Artic Post website will be launched for me, cool isn’t it?

4) Lock Slim Browser Now

You can lock your Slim Browser when you are away from your system without having to actually close the browser . The browser could be only unlocked with a password that is set by you. You have to set a Master Password first to use this feature. Go to Tools Menu -> Privacy -> Set Master Password and set a password to use this feature.

Unlock Slim Browser

Now whenever you want to lock your browser you can use the Lock Browser Now option from the Tools Menu-> Privacy section. You could also auto lock the browser by setting the idle time limit from the Tools Menu-> Options-> Privacy section, set the Idle time before auto locking to automatically lock the browser after the time that you specify.

5) Hide Site

You can just hide a tab from your Slim Browser by right clicking on the browser tab and click Hide, poof  its gone!. You can bring back all the web sites that you have hidden by accessing View Menu -> Hidden Sites option.

Hide Site in Slim Browser

6) Download YouTube Videos

With Slim Browser installed you have to no longer copy the YouTube URL and use it in a separate application or find some online website to download your favorite videos. Slim Browser provides you an option to download the videos when you are watching a video in you tube website itself. The video formats that are available for you to download are 240p, 360p, 480p and HD720 & HD 1080. There is an option for extracting the mp3 alone if you just need to hear things.

Not yet installed? try it and do let me know what’s your favorite feature in Slim Browser.