Developed a simple tool that could help a user to find out, how long their PC has been locked. The size of the tool is around 6 KB and is a portable application.

How to Use the Tool

  • Download and Extract the zip file contents on to your desktop
  • If you see an warning message as shown below click keep to download the file, its potentially safe :-)

Download Warning Message

  • Double click to run the PCLockMonitor.exe file (No spam/virus, i promise)
  • Click on the START LOGGING button that you see in the below screenshot:

Find System Idle Time

  • You should see “Logging System Idle Time Started” message. Now go ahead and lock your system and take a walk.
  • Once you come back and unlock the system you should see the System Lock Time and Unlock Time and the Total Idle Time as shown below.
  • If you would like to stop the monitoring just click on the STOP LOGGING button.

Got suggestions or feedback? Feel free to hurl them down in the comments section, i am all ears :-)