Note: This might be out of topic and interest for some of the subscribers who are not part of Tamilnadu, India and I request them to kindly ignore this post.

Power cuts happen every day in some area and people are often left clueless wondering whom to reach. Some of them might have this information already but to my surprise, the people with whom I have interacted so far don’t see to know this information. So without wasting much time,

If you face a power cut just dial to TNEB Complaint Number 1912

It’s the tneb complaint number and it’s a centralized call centre number for Chennai. Just follow the automated phone answering system and reach the concerned executive and raise your complaint. They will notify the concerned EB office in your area. I have been using this service for a long time assuming everybody knows but sadly many don’t seem to have this information. Below are some of the contacts of specific city and area. Share and spread the information. Thanks.


Chennai South

Chennai EDC/ South