Still using the same old browser that you had installed when you setup your operating system? Then it’s time to change your browser. The power of web is felt through browsers and it is those browsers which really defines our browsing experience on the web world. Browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari are being used extensively and rest of the other browsers are just ignored by lot of people or simply put, many users are not aware of other browsers. There are lots of cool browsers available in the web today, out of which I have handpicked these 5 browsers to help you redefine your browsing experience.

1) Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon Logo

Installer Size: 32 MB

Available Platform: Windows/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android Browsers

System Requirements: 512 MB RAM and 100 MB disk space

Maxthon initially coined as MyIE2 was released in 2002 and is the first browser that came out with tabs. Maxthon makes use of both Trident and Webkit browser engines. You can optionally register for a Maxthon Passport Account and make of the cloud services like Cloud Sync, Cloud Download, Cloud Push, etc. You can either install Maxthon or download and use a portable version. At the time of writing this article Html5test website ranks Maxthon 4.0 in first place with a score of 476 out of 500 for its support on HTML 5 standards and specifications; chrome 29 was the runner up.

2) Pale Moon

Pale Moon Logo

Installer Size: 19 MB

Available Platform: Only for Windows Operating System.

System Requirements: 256 MB RAM & Minimum 100 MB Disk Space.

Pale Moon is compiled using Microsoft Visual C compiler just like Firefox. Though it is similar to Firefox it is has been explicitly optimized for latest processors and hence you may not be able to use Pale Moon on some of the older processors like Pentium 2 & 3, AMD Athlon 1st Generation & XP/MP. When I said it’s different from Firefox note that the differences aren’t huge. For example the source code that built Firefox also built Pale moon, except for some parts and functions which were either excluded or rebuilt exclusively for Pale moon. If you are a Firefox fan then you should try Pale moon for a change and see how faster and smoother it is.

Tip: You can list all tabs option in the Pale moon and search the tab that you want to pick right away, could be really handy when you have large number of tabs opened.

3) Slim Browser

Slim Browser Logo

Installer Size: 3.3 MB

Available Platform: Only for Windows Operating System

System Requirements: 256 MB RAM & Minimum 30 MB Disk Space

Slim Browser uses Internet Explorer’s Trident Browser Engine so make sure you have Internet Explorer 6.0 or above before you install Slim Browser. Alternatively you could try slim boat which is powered by the web kit engine. This is one among fastest browsers that exist out today.There are lots of cool features inbuilt in this browser that I liked a lot and want you to give a try too. You can check out my Top 6 Features of Slim Browser article that speaks a lot more about this Browser.

4) Avant Browser

Avant Browser Logo

Installer Size: Lite Version: 4 MB, Ultimate Version & USB Version: 48 MB

Available Platform: Just for Windows

System Requirements: 128 MB RAM and Minimum of 200 MB Disk Space

Avant is a 3 in 1 combo. It has the power of Trident, Gecko and WebKit which allows you to set the preferred engine that you choose. There are three flavors of Avant, a lite version which only includes the Trident rendering engine, an ultimate version which includes all three rendering engines and an USB Disk version. Some of the cool things about this browser are:

  • Supports mouse gesture, which means you can just right click inside the browser and draw a pattern(swipe using mouse) to perform an action.
  • You can auto refresh individual or all tabs that are opened in your Avant Browser on the time interval that you set.
  • You can command the browser to scroll automatically sit back and just read your favorite book/story online.

5) Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon privdog

Installer Size: 40 MB

Available Platform: Just for Windows

System Requirements: 152 MB RAM and 100 MB Disk Space Required

Chromium is under the hood of Comodo. Comodo’s Secure DNS provides a safer browsing experience by detecting and blocking malicious websites without compromising speed. If you are wondering how Comodo promises you safe browsing then PrivDog is the answer. PrivDog is an extension that was added to the Comodo browser to ensure that you have a safe and swift browsing. PrivDog blocks trackers, 3rd party widgets, Ads etc. You can still choose to add certain websites that you trust to the exception list via PrivDog options, so don’t forget to include Artic Post to your exception list.

The coolest thing about Comodo is its primary focus on privacy and security. Today that’s what everyone is looking out for isn’t it?

Already using one of the above browser? Not in the list? What’s your favorite browser? Share your experience with us.