Facebook is an addictive and time killing social networking engine that the world has ever witnessed so far.

A friend of mine recently called me up to say a few generous words on how well I am writing the articles (is it so? very generous indeed :-) ). He works for reputed Software Company and fortunately or we could also say that it is unfortunate that his company allows him to scour the internet without any restriction (no actually there are restrictions but Facebook is not on the list).

find time spent of facebook

The problem is, he spends too much time on Facebook and the worst part is that he realizes it very late. Now our friend is very curious to find how much time he has spent on Facebook. So he asked me if I knew about any software that could help him to track the time spent on Facebook. He had one condition though; he will not be able to install any software on his computer so it has to be portable software.

Track Time Spent on Facebook using ManicTime

Do you ever wanted to know how much time you have wasted on Facebook? Well the simplest and easiest way is to use a Chrome or Firefox extension but if you are on a corporate network we won’t be able to take this route.

Free and portable software called ManicTime could help to track the time you had spent on Facebook or any other website for that matter.

  • Manic comes in both installer (5 MB) and portable versions (4.5 MB) so choose one that suits your requirement.
  • Let us download the portable version for now.
  • Extract the zip file contents.
  • Double click the ManicTime.exe file to start the application.
  • The first time when you start ManicTime you will be prompted to choose the License type, professional version is free for 15 days, post that you can switch back to free standard version or you can directly start using the standard version itself.

Choose a license

  • As you can see from the below screenshot some of the features listed will not be available in the standard free edition.

Pick a license

  • Once you have chosen the type of version, ManicTime will start monitoring your activities and it will be available in taskbar.
  • ManicTime captures all activities that you perform on your computer and helps you to find where you spend most of your time.
  • As you can see from the below screenshot select all instances of Facebook, right click and select filter. Now you can easily track the time spent on Facebook.

Find Time Spent on Facebook using ManicTime

  • You can also add Tags to identify a group of instances for each application.

Add Tags in ManicTime

  • Top Applications and Top Documents under Statistics tab will give you more fine grained details about your system usage.

ManicTime not only helps you to track the time spent on Facebook but also on other applications that you use.

So how do you manage your time and ensure that you don’t spend too much time on unproductive works? Found this article useful? kindly share the knowledge with your friends.