Looking for top 10 or top 5 note taking software? Sorry to disappoint you, right now I just have one best note taking app or software that would fill your needs for the rest of your life.

Am I exaggerating too much? Might be, I am pretty much impressed with this tool and hence i thought it might be really useful to you too. Let me give you a little tour around this tool and then I will leave it to you to either agree or disagree with me.

Tiddly Wiki – Best Note Taking Software

It is a simple but powerful note-taking HTML file that you could download for free. TiddlyWiki5 is the recent version of its classic version which you could still download from here.

Yup, that’s correct you heard it right – it’s nothing more than a simple HTML file.

Tiddly Wiki helps you to store your notes in to small units called Tiddlers. A Tiddler can be anything ranging from an image to a macro. There are lot features packed into this tool which makes it a more robust and useful utility for day to day use.

Let me quickly walk you through on how to download and use this cool note taking app on your system or mobile.

Requirements: A JavaScript enabled browser, yup nothing more.

Go to the Tiddly Wiki download page,

You will be presented with the Tiddly Wiki Online Editor. Follow the below three steps to download the tool:

Downloading TiddlyWiki

  1. Click on the Tools Tab
  2. Select the options that you want to display for quick access.
  3. Click on the Save changes icon.

You will now find a HTML file downloaded to your system, the size of the file should be around 3.5 MB.

Open up the downloaded html file in your favorite browser and it’s ready to be used from your local desktop.

Getting Started with Tiddly Wiki

Let me quickly show you what you can do with Tiddly Wiki so that you can start exploring it further,

Creating a new Tiddler

Tiddly Wiki is all about creating Tiddlers which as I mentioned earlier are nothing but notes.

Click on the plus icon to create a new Tiddler. Below are some of the important elements of a Tiddler,

create a new tiddler

  • The Title – This is the name of the Tiddler note.
  • Tags – You can classify/categorize the notes using Tags which can later help you to find related notes together.
  • Text – Notes that you want scribble down goes in this section. You can also use wiki text to write faster notes. You can learn more about wiki text here, if you ever had used Markdown earlier then this shouldn’t be new to you.
  • Content Type – Specify what type of content is getting into your notes, for example if you are planning to store an image then select the image/jpeg content type.
  • Fields – You can more fields to your tiddler to add more descriptive information.

Once you have filled all the information for the Tiddler, hit the Save changes icon and a new .html file will be downloaded with the new tiddler that you have created. That’s it now all you have to do is take a copy of the newly downloaded HTML file and start using it.

Cool Features of TiddlyWiki

Below are some of the cool features that i noticed while exploring TiddlyWiki but the list is just a tip of an iceberg,

  • Since the only requirement is a JavaScript enabled browser you can use it in smart phones too.
  • You can directly drag and drop an image or file on to Tiddly Wiki or click on the Import button under Tools tab to quickly create a Tiddler.

Import Files and Images

  • You can icons to Tags using Tag Manager
  • You can search through the Tiddlers using the powerful search.
  • You can export all your Tiddlers into CSV, JSON, HTML file or single tiddler file.
  • Yet another mind blowing feature is to encrypt and save the wiki file. The encryption is implemented in Tiddly Wiki using Stanford JavaScript Crypto Library.

Encrypt your notes

So to summarize TiddlyWiki is a brilliant JavaScript wiki that can be your best note taking application. So do try it and if you like it, just spread the word around. Good Stuff Ought be Shared, hope you agree :-)