This is the first short story that I had wrote long back (2012) please excuse if you find any grammatical mistakes. Happy Reading.

Can you just move a little bit?” the guy was tensed and seems to suffocate due to the space constraint.

What do you think this place is? a palace? Just keep your mouth shut and show some manners for girls would you?” The girl replied in a very harsh tone.

The guy replied “Sorry about that lady, I am yet to learn my manners. By the way, may I know where you did your schooling?” The guy winked at the girl with a sarcastic smile.

Now the girl is a little bit annoyed by the guy’s attitude. She mumbled “Little pest, where I did my schooling is none of your business who do you think you really are? Can you answer just one question that we need to find out in common? Where are we???

The guy gave a little thought to the question that the girl has raised. The boy played back the question “Where are we? Good question, why is it always that good questions have no answers?

The girl cut him sharp with her reply “It’s because you idiots have no answers

It is indeed a million dollar question. A question for which there seems to be no answer. The room is very dark but warm, smelly, lot of wires were running behind them which they could feel in their hands, something is boiling and they could hear the noise of the water burbling, they were wet all over. They don’t know for how long they have been in this dark room together or what time it is. The consoling part is that they have each other at least to fight with.

The guy once again broke the silence “Ok madam, I accept that I don’t know where we are but I know someone who can answer that question” and winked his eyes at her again.

The girl inquired eagerly “Really??? Who is that?

The only person who can answer this question has got excellent manners from a reputed school, I don’t know the name of the school but the person is sitting in front of me” saying so the boy started to laugh out loud which echoed through the walls in that dark room.

The girl’s face turned red.

With all due respect, with your extraordinary manners why don’t you try to find out where we are?” said the guy who still didn’t notice the girl’s reaction.

You are the most stupid person I have ever seen” the girl replied with fury.

Says who …?” asked the guy winking at the girl. “Do you know what…” the guy started.

Shut Up” the girl shouted back who didn’t want to hear one more word from him.

There hasn’t been any noise behind those walls for the whole time they were fighting; pin drop silence is what they call it. Are they really any people out there? How long they have been there? Who put them into the dark room? When will they be out of this misery? Lots of What? When? Where? & Why? were circling in both of their heads.

As these questions were running into each of their minds, slowly both of them started to drift into deep sleep. After an hour or so there was a whispering sound that jolted them up from their sleep.

Hello is someone out there?” the boy shouted at the top of his lungs. “Sssh…, be quiet let us hear where the voice is coming from” said the girl who didn’t like the guy’s slightest behaviors.

Outside the wall they heard a guy’s voice “Do you really think we can move her now?” which sounded deep and husky. The reply came really quick “No, let’s wait for some more time there could be a risk involved we might never know” the voice belonged to an old man.

You can go ahead with your plan, while I can manage things out here “though voice was a little trembling the words came out with real confidence from the old man.

No we need to do it together and that it has to be done tonight, I will make the arrangements” replied the husky voice stubbornly.

Now the guy and the girl were little worried about what they have heard right at the moment. Their energy levels went down. The guy accidently kicked the girl when he tried to move a little but the girl was in no mood to shout back at him. What have they got themselves into?

The girl and the boy didn’t speak anything for some time, both were involved in deep thinking, each had their own fear about their condition. Who are these people and what do they want from them? When they were having their own thoughts running suddenly the boy started to laugh out loudly. The girl shuddered for a moment, has this guy gone mad?

Hey why are you laughing now?” asked the girl unable to control her anxiety to know what made the guy to laugh. The guy didn’t seem to listen to what she had asked, he was laughing uncontrollably.

Didn’t you hear what the voices on the other side were speaking?” asked the boy.

Even though she was interested to know she reacted as if she didn’t care for what the boy is going to say. The boy continued “they were speaking about moving some “her” and looking at the current situation that seems to be you” the boy winked at the girl. The girl glared back. She started to sweat and without her knowledge tears started to roll down her cheeks. The boy who didn’t expect this from the girl felt a little uncomfortable to see his partner crying in the darkness.

Do you think these people will kill us?” asked the girl with tears rolling down her cheeks. The guy was moved by her tone. He replied “I don’t know, but all I know is we are safe for now”.

The girl was taken aback by the reply that the guy gave her “Safe”? Are you nuts? We don’t know who those people are on the other side of the wall. We don’t know where we are. There are lots of things that are still a puzzle. How can you be so careless?” the girl triggered her gunfire questions at him.

Yes, we are safe as long as we are in this darkness; we know that it’s just you and me here, there is no one else to harm us unless you don’t have any plans to kill me” said the boy with a smirk on his face.

The girl was relieved and smiled for the first time as an honor for his humor; when she was about say something a sudden gush of water rolled down their feet.

There was a small light coming from the top of their heads, something was thrown down from the path where the light came, they heard a rumbling noise in that silent dark room. The room was filled with silence after few minutes. The girl held the hands of the boy with a firm grip. The boy was frightened too. Far away they heard the two familiar voices that they had heard before, the old man’s voice was the first one to reach their ears “I think it’s going to be complicated, this is why I told you, and we should have never brought her here in first place”

The husky voice replied “what choice do I have? You know very well what I am doing and those people will never leave me alone. If it has to be like this let it be, there is nothing that can be done now

The old man shouted back “Are you crazy? Don’t you realize in what a mess we are?” at that moment a ringing sound echoed through the walls. “Can’t you even put that mobile in silent?” shouted the old man.

The husky voice ignored the old man’s order and obediently picked up the phone and said “Hello, Yes Sir will do it right away Sir, No Sir it’s not too late I will finish the assignment and report to you sir, yes sir. Thank You Sir”.

It’s them again what do we do now?” asked the husky voice. The old man said “For god’s sake just listen to me this one time, you have to be here while its being done, you are the one who is responsible for all this, how can you be so reckless?

The girl and boy were really startled, their minds were screaming, what is that guy referring to as “assignment”? Is he going to kill them both, is this the end of their life? The guy started to bang the walls with his fist in fury. The girl was shocked by the action of the boy but she was too scared to stop the boy. Now there was a screaming noise that echoed through the walls, the boy instantly stopped his act and turned back to the girl to see if the sound is coming from her but it was not her. The scream was unbearable to hear. The girl said “You are wrong there is someone else apart from us” the boy looked astonished how could it be? There is no one else apart from us in this dark place.

Both of them tried to focus from where the voice came but suddenly the walls were thumped from outside and both of them bumped into each other. The girl and the boy lost their consciousness.

When both of them woke up they heard more new voices. “Can’t you properly handle this in your hand? How many times do I have to spoon-feed you? Grow up” shouted the voice in frustration.

Sorry sir this is the first time I am doing this” the voice belonged to a girl.

Stop giving me your excuses and focus on what we are doing” the voice shouted back again.

Hand me the hemostat” the voice commanded before the girl could reply back.

The girl and guy in the dark room were really shocked and confused to hear these new voices and the words that they were using.

Now give me the bandage-scissors and hold the towel when I cut them out” commanded the voice.

The girl and boy in the dark room were frozen to death.They suddenly saw a white light which almost blinded both their eyes.

Something pulled the legs of the girl and she was dragged out. The guy screamed looking at what happened and in no time he too was pulled out by some strong force.When they came out of the dark room for the first time they were exposed to the light in the room.

The Man’s voice echoed in their ears “Success yet another accomplishment and that too in my final operation

Yes doctor you have done it again, the mother’s Blood Pressure is normal too” added the girl enthusiastically.

Where is the lucky young chap, these kids father?” asked the doctor

The nurse replied “The mother’s father-in-law is waiting outside”.

He is on his way doctor, he is working as a project manager and never gets time, I am his father can I see my grandchildren?” the old man stepped in. His voice was filled with full of happiness.

Yes you can but before that just a quick question, where were you doing the regular checkups? I haven’t seen you before; didn’t the doctor give you a date? Why haven’t you admitted her well in advance?” asked the doctor.

My son got transferred to this place, even though I told him not to move my daughter-in-law at this critical stage he didn’t listen to me” said the old man with his voice suddenly filled with sadness.

I don’t understand why these IT people are like this? They don’t even get time to take care of their family when they are in need.” said the doctor.

Right at that moment they all heard the husky voice “Excuse me Doctor…

Here comes the irresponsible fellow, is your meeting over? Have you packed your software and mailed it?” The old man scowled at the young man who is the father of the sparkling twins.

The son was giving his explanation as usual.

Hearing all this conversation now the twins knew where they were till now and where they would be hereafter.

The doctor said “Don’t worry Mr. Madhan…. you and your wife don’t have to worry about your kids they are perfectly normal. Yes both of them can hear and speak well. Your fear is pointless, if the mother can’t speak or hear then it’s not necessary her children too will be born like that”.

The baby girl and the baby boy were shocked to hear what the doctor had said. Tears started rolling down the baby’s girl’s eyes. The baby boy already started to wail out loud unable to control his emotions towards his mom and suddenly at that moment he felt the girl’s fingers on the boy which firmly gripped his hands. When he turned for the first time the baby girl winked at him, she knows that she is the one who has to take care of both, her mother and her “stupid” brother hereafter.

-The End-