Ever heard about an Operating System that doesn’t require you to format your system, install audio or video drivers, install antivirus or any basic software’s? Tails is its name, an operating system with amnesia :-)

Tails is a handy operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux that is packed with lot of in-built software’s by keeping security as prime factor in mind. Tails OS uses RAM instead of your hard disk which implicitly tells us that no traces are left on your computer, now you know why it is called as an Operating System with Amnesia.

Tails Os Logo

Tails – the amnesic incognito live system is an operating system that can be used directly from your USB, DVD or even from your SD card irrespective of your base operating system. Tails depends on Tor Network to safeguard your online privacy.

Who should use Tails OS?

There are no hard and fast rules for using Tails OS but it is a prime choice for people who would like to stay anonymous in this web world.

So can Tails OS keep you completely anonymous? Well that still depends on how you use it and what kind of information you spill when you are connected to internet. You could use the warning page of Tails Documentation to understand a little bit more on what’s covered and what is not.

Tails System Requirements

Tails official statement is that it works on any computer that has been manufactured after 2005 and below are the detailed requirements that you might want to take a look at.

  • DVD, SD Card or USB Stick
  • X86 Compatible Processor
  • 1 GB of RAM

BurnTails OS onto a DVD

You can burn Tails OS both in DVD or USB. I prefer using a DVD and below steps can show you how to do that.

  • Download the latest Tails OS ISO Image (913 MB) from the official website.
  • You can pick DVD burning software of your choice or if you are using a windows operating system then you can simply right click on the ISO image and select Open with -> Windows Disc Image Burner option.

Burn Tails OS to DVD

  • The windows disc image burner dialog box should open up for you. In that select the drive where you have your empty DVD disc and select the Verify disc after burning check box and click Burn button.
  • Now sit back and relax while your Tails OS gets burnt on your DVD.

Once Tails OS has been successfully copied into the DVD restart the machine, keeping your DVD still in the drive.

Starting Tails OS

Now that we have Tails ready let us just get started with it. Follow the below steps to boot Tails from DVD.

  • Restart your computer with the Tails OS DVD that you just created and get to the Boot Menu screen before your machine loads your existing operating system.
  • I used F12 key to reach to my Boot Menu screen, refer below screenshot

Boot Options Menu

  • Select CDROM option and hit enter. You system will again reboot and start Tail OS.
  • You should now see Tails OS boot screen as shown below,

Tails OS Boot Screen

  • Within few minutes Tails will boot up and the welcome screen will be displayed to you

Tails welcome screen

  • If you select Yes for More Options, you will be provided an option to setup administrator password. You can also make your Tails OS look like a Windows XP operating system using Windows camouflage option to avoid suspicion when you use it on public places.
  • For now lets just hit the Login button.
  • Give Tails few minutes to synchronize your system clock and connect to Tor network.

Tor network ready on Tails

You can now start using Tails.

What stuff is bundled in Tails OS?

Tails comes in-built with some basic most needed software’s which can be accessed from the Applications Menu on your Tails Desktop,

Tails Applications Menu

Applications Bundled in Tails OS

  • Accessories – KeePassX, gedit Text Editor, Take Screenshot.
  • Graphics – GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus.
  • Internet – Claws Mail, Iceweasel Browser, Pidgin Messenger, Liferea Feed Reader.
  • Office – Open Office package.
  • Sound & Video – Sound Recorder, Pitivi Video Editor, Brasero Disc Burner, Audio CD Extractor, Traverso – multi track recorder.
  • System Tools – Access System Monitor to see you current state of the system usage.

Monitor System Usage

  • Universal Access – Dasher, Virtual Keyboard, Orca Screen Reader & Magnifier.

Well that’s all i have from my end, do try Tails OS and let me know how it went, felt that this is informative then i would kindly request you to share it with your circle.