Spritz speed reader will help you to read 1000 words in a minute. What? Yes, you read it right. The Boston based startup company has been working on Spritz for the past three years to help people read faster.

What stops us from reading faster?

Eye saccades prevent us from reading text faster. A saccade is nothing but a fast movement of your eyes in the same direction.

Spritz may sound familiar if you have ever heard about Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP). The primary difference between RSVP and Sprtitz is the alignment of words that is displayed to the end user. See the below image that depicts how the words are aligned in RSVP and Spritz.

RSVP and Spritz Speed Reader

Your eye looks out for something called Optimal Recognition Point (ORP) in every word and only when your eye finds that your brain starts to process it. The letters marked in red on the words in the above image is the ORP.

Where to get Spritz Speed Reader?

Spritz Speed Reader isn’t available yet for you to try it out. It will be available in Samsung Gear2 and S5 devices which will be out next month i.e. by April, 2014.

Spritz Speed Reader on Gear

Image Source: Spritz

So does that mean you have to buy these devices? Nope, you can try the free Speed Reading Bookmarklet by Rich Jones called OpenSpritz . Though it doesn’t have to do anything with the actual Spritz Speed Reader, it should get you started for now.

Simply drag and drop the OpenSpritz this! Bookmarklet and click on it to pick your reading speed from the drop-down to get started. The maximum WPM (words per minute) available as of now is 950. Looking for more than that you should try Spreeder.


Spreeder is a free online reader that closely resembles Spritz Speed Reader which could help you to read text faster.

  • Go to the website.
  • Copy and paste the text that you would like to speed read and click the Spreed button.
  • You can see the number of words that you have pasted and the speed that is set for you to read.
  • You can increase or decrease the speed by using the shortcut keys + / , which increases the speed by 25 wpm. I couldn’t see a maximum limit on the WPM in Spreeder.
  • Press the ‘S‘ shortcut key to launch the settings window where you can set the words per minute, windows size, font size, font color, background color etc.

Spritz Speed Reader Alternative

  • You can also set the chunk size to set the number of words to be displayed.
  • You can also click on the advanced settings to skip over stop words, set speed variations, etc.
  • Click on new or press ‘N’ to start reading a new text or ‘R’ to restart.
  • If you might be just interested to improve your vocabulary too, then you can try this.

Staples Speed Reader

Staples have an interactive eReader that you could use to test your reading speed.

Staples Speed Reader

You will be provided with a passage which you have to read and answer few questions asked in the next screen. This helps to determine not only your reading speed but also how well you have understood the passage. It also shows you some of the famous books and the time that you would need to complete them.

So what are you waiting for? Get trained and spread the word. Got a better alternative? Do share it.