Do you know the height and width of the browser that you are currently viewing?

Browsers neither have a configurable section where you can specify the height and width nor it shows the dimensions when you resize the window.

Why would someone re-size their browser window?

Web Designers would like to resize the browser height and width to test the responsiveness of the web page that they develop. But they can’t keep changing the screen resolution every time to test the web page in different height and width. So a simple utility can help them a lot.

So is it all about the web designers? What about end users? What about you and me? I would like to see how responsive my website is. What about you?

It is essential to view your website in different screen resolutions to see how your website layout actually looks. This helps you to improve the user experience of your website.

So what options do you have?

Instead of adding add-ons to your browser you can either download the software or use a website that helps you in resizing your browser to a precise dimension. You can also use a simple JavaScript to resize the browser. You don’t have to be a JavaScript expert, i can vouch for that :-)

Offline Solution using a Software


Sizer is a handy utility that helps you to resize your browser window based on the predefined sizes you specify. The utility comes both in installer and portable versions. The installer size is 153Kb and the portable version is just 16kb.

Download the portable version and extract the contents of the zip file. Run the sizer.exe and it should now be available in your taskbar.

You can set the dimensions that you want in the Sizer Configuration Dialog. Right click on the sizer icon from the taskbar and click on the Configure Sizer… option. Now add the predefined dimensions that you want in the dialog box. For example if you want to resize your browser window to 1024×768 then specify the height and width, provide a description and click add.

Sizer Configuration

Sizer Configuration

Now when you right click on the browser’s standard system menu (right click on top left of the browser) you should see the Resize/reposition option available for you, with the predefined option that you had set earlier.


Resizer Standard Menu

Also when you resize the browser window using the mouse, a tool tip is shown to you with the actual dimensions.

Resize Browser

Resize Browser is a simple utility that will help you to resize the browser on the fly. You can add new browsers to the list by navigating to the options menu. You need to add the browser bar caption in order to get your browser listed.


RJL Resize Browser

Resize Browser supports operating systems like XP, Vista, windows 7 and 8. You can download it here.

Online Solutions

You can use any of the below websites that helps you to resize your browser to different resolutions.

The website shows you a predefined set of dimensions that you can choose or provide a custom width and height.


You can also try to check the current size of your browser. This website also has world’s tiniest functional browser :-) so don’t forget to check it out.

Resize Browser

This website gives you screen formats as categories for you pick and displays the dimensions for each of them. Click on the rectangle that is displayed with the dimension that you choose. A new window will be launched, enter the website URL and click Check URL button.


Resize browser window using JavaScript

A single line of code given below can help you to resize the browser yourself.“about”,”_blank”,”width=600,height=600″);

The about keyword specified in the above JavaScript code is the page name available in my website and the _blank is used to open the website in a new window.

If you are using Chrome then press F12 or press Ctrl+Shift+J to launch the console window. Now copy and paste the script given above and press enter.


Chrome JavaScript Console

A new window will be launched with the width and height that you have specified. You can use the same code in different browsers that you have in your system.

So have you ever tested how responsive your website is? Used some method that is not listed here, feel free to share it.