Let us assume that when you are in the middle of watching your favorite movie and the power goes off. Of course your brand new UPS may help you for some time but for how long? You may now have to close your media player and shutdown your machine, wouldn’t it be really cool when you launch your media player and play the video again it remembers last playback position and starts playing it for you?

Media Player to Remember Playback Position

Media Player Classic that comes bundled with K-Lite Codec Pack has this cool feature. Let us quickly see how to enable this.

Enable Remember Playback Position Option in Media Player

First of all if you have never used K-Lite Codec Pack then I highly recommend you to give it a try and I can assure that you won’t need any other video player.

  • Launch Media Player Classic from start menu.
  • Right click on the Media Player Classic and click Options (or) just press the shortcut key – O to bring up the options dialog.
  • In the Options window, ensure that you have selected the Player node in the left side of the pane.
  • Now on the right side, you should see various options for your player. Our interest as of now is the History section.

Remember Playback Position in Options

Just select the check box Remember File position or Remember DVD position (or both) and click Apply button. Click OK to close the Options window.

Note: The Remember File position and Remember DVD position options will only be enabled when you have enabled Keep history of recently opened files option.

Now, try playing any of your favorite video for few minutes and then close it. Now try opening up the media player again and just hit the Play button and you should see that the video will start playing from the last position where you just stopped your video.

This feature may be familiar to many but if you are not aware of it then I guess the article will serve its purpose. Share and Spread the Knowledge.