When we hear the word search engine it is always Google, but do you know that there are also some alternative search engines available for you? Below is a list of search engines that I collated for your reference and use, but please note that this is not an exhaustive one, so I will keep adding more to the list when I find something new.

Encrypted Google

The basic difference between google.com and encrypted.google.com is how the referrer information is handled. The enrypted.google.com will only show the referrer information to the websites that are secure, i.e. the one’s that has https in its URL.


The homepage of Qwant wil display the current day’s trending information. When you search in Qwant, it returns the search results in four categories web, news, social and shopping. You can also perform an image search and People search. The Boards tab lists several categories under which you can find boards created by users which you can follow, so we can say that Qwant is a search engine that connects people. There are also some basic settings that you can configure like,

  • Change the results display as List or Mosaic.
  • Activate or deactivate search suggestion.
  • Enable or disable trends in home page.
  • Open links in new window.


Dogpile Search Engine

Dogpile is a search engine that is powered by Meta search. Meta Search helps you to get the results from multiple search engines instead of just one.

Start Page

Start Page is the world’s most private search engine. So why do they say so? Start Page has it all listed here and this isn’t just in words, they are the first and the only one who have been awarded the European Privacy Seal. Start Page provides the search results from Google but with a coating of its own privacy protection. If you have used Tor then you might have noticed that Start Page is their default search engine.


Ixquick comes from the same person who founded Start Page. Though both search engines has privacy protection has their motto, Ixquick has the most advanced meta-search technology implemented.

Ixquick Search Results with Stars

Also when you search in ixquick, there will be a star displayed beside the search result; a single star indicates that the link has been agreed as one of the ten best results by a single search engine.


Blekko is a user friendly search engine that displays the results in categories which can be easily browsed by the user. It uses an algorithm called, Dynamic Inference Graph (DIG) algorithm.


Yippy just like Dogpile queries multiple search engines and gives you the results based on comparative ranking.


Duck Duck Go Search Engine

This is again one of those privacy coated search engine that doesn’t track you. The interesting stuff on DuckDuckGo is the !Bang feature, this allows you to search more than 100 websites directly using the ! followed by the website name. For example, when you type !youtube movies it directly takes you to the YouTube website and searches for the query movies. You can find the complete list of !bang commands over here.


Blackle is a search engine that is mostly in black. The power that is required to display white screen is more than that of a black screen.

Energy Saving Search Engine

They have also referred to an interesting research paper called Energy Use and Power Levels in New Monitors and Personal Computers that speaks in detail on this.

Have you ever thought of using an alternative search engine? If yes what was your personal choice? If it is not on the above list of search engines, do share it with us. Spread the knowledge around if you find this article useful.