Today morning as usual when I was looking into the stats report from my host provider I noticed that the referrer report had mentioned, that some of the links are coming from . I was really curious to find which links were those, so I went ahead to the Google news site and searched for articpost and below is what I saw.

Artic Post on Google News

At first, I thought I was featured in some site and felt really happy about that. When I navigated to that link which is the website of the famous Silicon India, they had just copied the article – 5 Best Online Drawing Tools which I had written in my blog, they had changed few words, images and posted in their website.

Artic Post article on Silicon India

Silicon India is into web world since 1997 and now I can see how they have sustained for so long.

I was completely shocked and frustrated at the same time. How the hell can someone lift an article which is posted in my blog?

I went to Google and searched for the keyword: “Silicon India Plagiarism” and learnt that I am not the only victim. Lighthouse Insights article on an interview was also lifted and posted in Silicon India back in 2012, you can read about it here.

I spoke with Prasant Naidu, Founder of Lighthouse Insights on Twitter and found that these guys have removed their article but didn’t apologize.

Twitter Chat with lighthouse insights founder

So I went and posted a message on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus addressing Silicon India to remove my article from their site, I even dropped an email personally to the editorial section.

By the time I completed this article, they have silently removed my article from their website without an apology.

Should I be happy that someone lifted my content since it was worth it or should I get frustrated for what has happened, I am not sure how to take it but one thing is for sure, just wasn’t my day.