All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – I remember this dialogue right from the day I watched the movie Shining. It is applicable to people in every field and bloggers aren’t Gods right, so it’s applicable to them too.

Everyone who is into blogging will get bored at some point in time, can you deny it? No, I don’t think you can.

Blogging Boredom can clutch you anytime and it’s quite common especially when you are new to blogging. You may even start thinking why on the earth you should blog and what’s in it for you.

Though you will have all that excitement and those inspirational stories of top notch bloggers in mind, your energy eventually drains after few months of blogging, and you will feel that it is stretching into eternity.

Why does this thought comes into one’s mind? Well there is nothing to be worried about and it’s quite normal, after all we are humans and aren’t machines right?

Though we are passionate about writing great content, monotonous work often leads to boredom.

So how do we fight this blogging boredom? How do we kindle the blogging fire within us?

Easiest Way to Kill Blogging Boredom

Your Pen is mightier than the keyboard

When you’ve got an idea, all key points related to your idea will start to flow down your mind but, the moment you keep your fingers on the keyboard, poof everything vanishes into thin air. Just because we are bloggers it doesn’t mean we should refrain ourselves from using a pen and a paper.

Pick a notepad & pen and move away from your system or if possible just get out of your routine work place and try to find some serene location to pen down your thoughts. This article was born just that way :-)

Use your keyboard only for converting your hard copy into soft copy. Never sit in front of your computer and try to wave your imagination wand, it just won’t help.

Join the Open House Party

Every blog is an open-house party. No one is restricted; everyone is invited. So do not shy yourself away from giving them a visit. You can learn how great content is created and delivered.

Share your thoughts about the article you have read through the comments section or drop an email to the blogger personally, it will lighten up both, you and the blogger.

There is always something that you can learn from others, and I strongly feel that visiting other blogs will definitely help to change your course of thinking. Who knows you might even land on an idea for your next article.

Break the Rules

Blogging should be a win-win situation for both you and your readers. It just doesn’t make sense to post something because you have a schedule. If you are running on a hectic schedule of posting ‘X’ number of posts per week then you will wear out sooner than you think.

It is okay to skip your schedule occasionally and try to work out something that doesn’t push you over the edge. Just break the rule, blogging is supposed to be fun.

Take a Break

“Don’t play the same instrument”. It’s obvious that you have to be an expert in your niche. But why not take a break? Your readers may also be just bored like you, why don’t you give them a break too?

Try to pick a different instrument and play some new tune – you don’t have to pick a topic which is totally unrelated to your blog. For instance, Artic Post is a technology blog, but I can still share my experiences about blogging right?

I feel happy and contented when I share my experiences on blogging, and hence I have decided to do such posts going further and have coined these posts as TAB (Take-A-Break) Posts. At the end of the day my goal is to help my readers, what’s yours?

Talk to a LIVE person

Well, I just had to emphasize the word LIVE because we often forget to catch up with our family and friends and get lost deep into the web world. Though web is where we live, spending time with our family not only refreshes us but also makes our relationships stronger.

An enchanting conversation with your friends and family can definitely free you from boredom and get you back into the blogging arena quicker than you think. Sometimes listening is more powerful than speaking, just listen to what people say and i can assure you that it will open many doors for you.

Get Inspired

You might have read all those inspirational and motivational stories of famous bloggers before you started your blog and would have forgotten them in your busy blogging schedule. Revisit those stories and experiences which pushed you into the world of blogging. Bookmark them and keep visiting them whenever possible.

One story that I keep visiting often is this one -“How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World” by Jon Morrow at

Wish i had read this long back, but i think i can still do it and you too can do it, I believe in you.

Lend a hand

The happiness that you get by helping someone has no bounds. Join communities that are of your interest and try to help people who are in need of assistance. You not only get contentment by helping someone but you also make a new friend in the Blogosphere. What you give to the blogging community is what you get back.

So ever got bored of blogging? What technique did you use to get rid of Blogging Boredom?