When you visit some websites suddenly music/video will start playing and you frantically search the source of the sound/try to mute your speakers. What if you are playing your favorite album in the background? You don’t want to interrupt that, so he is a quick solution to just mute the sound on specific browser tab in Chrome.

  • Open your chrome browser.
  • Enter the below in the address bar,


  • Press Enter key and you should be able to see the “Tab audio muting UI control Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS” option which would be disabled by default.

Mute Tab in Chrome

  • Just click on the enable link below and restart the browser.
  • Now try playing some video from you tube/any site and click on the speaker icon in the tab to mute sound on chrome browser.

Mute the Tab

Cool isn’t it? Share and spread this useful tip with others. Thanks.