Just like tourists visit different destinations internet users visit different websites during their online journey. Some of us would like to remove the footprints that we left during our online journey and in order to do that we have to delete our web history.

Let us see today how to delete web history from different browsers.

Delete Web History from Chrome

  • Open your Chrome Browser.
  • On the top right corner of your Chrome Browser, click on the settings menu.

Delete Web History from Chrome

  • Click History or you can also use the shortcut key CTRL + H or you can also directly type chrome://history/ in the Chrome Address bar to view your web history page.
  • Now click on the Clear Browsing data… button.

Chrome Clear Browsing History

  • Now for Obliterate the following items from: drop down option you can either choose to delete web history for the past one hour, day, weeks or completely from the beginning of the time depending on what web history you want to remove.

You can also check or un-check what kind of web history you would like to remove. For example, you can just clear the download history, auto filled form data, cached images, etc.

Delete Web History from Firefox

  • Open Firefox Browser.
  • Press ALT key to display the menus.
  • Navigate to History Menu and click Clear Recent History or simply use the shortcut key SHIFT + CTRL + DEL.
  • In the Time range to clear drop-down box select Everything and click Clear Now button.

Clear History in Firefox

  • You can also instruct Firefox to never remember history by navigating to Tools Menu -> Options, under Privacy Tab, History section change the default drop down value to Never Remember History as shown below.

Never remember history option

Delete Web History from Safari

  • Open Safari Browser.
  • Press ALT key to display the menus.
  • Navigate to History Menu and click Clear History. Click Clear button, when you see the below dialog message displayed to you.

Delete web history in Safari

You can also alternatively use the shortcut CTRL + H to bring the History window to see what websites you have browsed on daily basis and remove them by right clicking on each day and click Delete

Delete Web History from Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer Browser.
  • Press ALT key to display the menus.
  • Navigate to Tools Menu, Delete Browsing History. You can also use the shortcut SHIFT + CTRL + DEL to bring up the window to clear your browsing history.
  • Select the check-boxes as shown in the below screenshot and hit the Delete button.

Internet Explorer - Delete web history

I have shown you how to delete web history in the most commonly used browsers but please keep in mind that performing this action will only remove the browsing history from your computer. This doesn’t guarantee that people cannot find out which websites you have visited; if you want to completely stay anonymous then you should probably use Tor or use Tails Operating System.