We all know that it is quite easy to count the number of words in a word document, how about counting the number of words in a PDF document? I don’t remember seeing a PDF viewer that shows the word count, have you?

There are two ways available using which you could count words in a PDF document. Let us quickly take a look at both of them.

Count Words in PDF without a Tool

The simple and straight forward way to count words in PDF document is to convert it first into a format that word processing software’s like Microsoft Word, Libre Office Writer or Open Office Writer understands.

Open the PDF document using your favorite PDF reader and select the entire PDF pages using CTRL + A shortcut key. Copy the contents using CTRL + C.

Open a word document and paste the copied contents CTRL + V. Now you can get the word count easily. You can follow this approach if your PDF has fewer pages.

If you have a PDF document with hundreds of pages, then you can upload the PDF document in Google Drive and convert them into .DOCX, .ODT, .RTF, .TXT or .HTML format.

Use Google Docs to convert PDF

Count Words in PDF using a Tool

Translator’s Abacus is a free tool that can help you to count words in a PDF file. It is targeted to run on windows operating system and has been around since Windows 95 period.

  • Download the portable application from here.
  • Extract the zip contents and run the WordCount.exe file.
  • You can now drag and drop files into the Translator’s Abacus area or click Add Files.

GUI of Word Count Tool

  • Click Report Count and you should see a HTML report generated as shown below.

HTML report for PDF word count

The best thing about this tool is, you can upload multiple documents and get the total word count for all them at one go. If you are asking about the limit on how many files can be added then 2,147,483,648 is the answer :-) .  An important thing that you should keep in mind is that the PDF word count will slightly vary when you try them in different tools.

So do you use a better tool for this job? Do share it with us and if possible kindly request you to share this with your circle.