You might have seen videos displayed on web pages or Facebook wall that show popup messages like- “Share / Like on Facebook to unlock this video”. Most of the time you are forced to like these Facebook pages just because you wanted to see that cool video, so let’s quickly see how to bypass this like or share to unlock video message.

  • Click on the video link from the Facebook wall which will take you to its own web page.
  • In the web page, you will usually see a video with a pop-up on top of it that says “You have to share on Facebook to unlock the video”

Share on Facebook to Unlock the video

  • Right click somewhere on the web page and click View Page Source (in chrome) or View Source (in Internet Explorer)

view source to locate the YouTube URL

  • You should see a lot of HTML coding, never mind all those stuff. Press CTRL + F and type the word “youtube” and you should be able to find the URL of the video as shown below.

Search for YouTube text in the HTML source

  • Copy the URL and paste it in your browser to start watching the video directly :-)
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