Online Alarm clock can actually save you a lot of bucks and is an essential element for sleepyheads like me. Back in old days we were using big clocks with alarms to wake us up but with these 10 free online alarm clocks, setting up an alarm will become quite easy, filled with fun of course.

Pick your favorite alarm clock from this list to rise and shine :-)

Online Alarm Clock

Online Alarm Clock can quickly help you to set the alarm time with its four different Alarm Clock Bells.A simple alarm clock that does its job.


Avnoy Alarm Clock

Avnoy Alarm Clock is a simple flash based alarm clock that wakes you up with its Beeper, Slow Melody or Fast melody.


Alarm Tube – High Impact Noise

Alarm Tube helps you to set alarm time in natural language. You can just type Tomorrow at 5am and pick a YouTube video to set the alarm.


Kuku Klok

Kuku Klok is a clean and simple online alarm clock that comes with 5 alarm sounds, from traditional Cockerel to strict military trumpet. Kuku Klok once loaded works even if your internet connection gets disconnected.

Kuku Klok

Online Clock

Online Clock has tons of cool features apart from the alarm functionality. You can change the backgrounds get the feel of Splashing Rain, Warm Fireplace or an online aquarium which you should try for once at least.

Online Clock

You can change the background colors and size of the digital clock displayed. Mouse hover on the small clock icon on the top left of the page to explore more clocks.

Meta Clock

Meta Clock lets you to upload your own alarm tune and gives you an option to say good morning to your friends by posting a message to Facebook.

Meta Clock
You can also choose Lite Meta Clock which looks similar to Online Clock allows you to choose a video from YouTube and play it when the alarm strikes.

Online Music Alarm

Online Music Alarm is a pretty modern online alarm clock. Click Set Music Alarm and pick your favorite song from the YouTube and type in the alarm time. Once the timer hits, the song or video you selected from YouTube will be played.

Online Music Alarm

Online Video Clock

Online Video Clock allows you to choose a YouTube video from their suggestion list or browse your favorite one. You can set Snooze interval and test your video before setting up the alarm.

Online Video Clock

Music Alarm Clock

Music Alarm Clock allows to you set alarm sound by choosing a melody from their existing list or by picking a radio station of your choice.


Sleep FM

Sleep FM has a weather alarm, Time Alarm – a speech based one and even Status of Flight which predicts delays 6 hours before airline alerts.


They also have an iPhone HTML5 Alarm Clock so if you have an iPhone just give it a try.

So I would like to know which is your favorite online alarm clock from the above list and why?