There was an interesting question from Jerra M in the comments section of “Export Friends List from Facebook” article which made me write this post.

We all love to save the conversations that we had with our friends and family from Facebook. One way of doing this is using the Facebook Archival Option that we have covered already in the other article. The next way is using Developer Tools, so let us quickly see how to Export Conversation from Facebook using Open Graph Explorer.

I just wanted to give a detailed explanation with steps, on how to do it so that it could help Jerra M and others who are looking out for this information.

Question from Jerra M: Do you know whether we could use this second option to also export just our private messages?

Answer from Artic Post: Yes, this could be done but you won’t be able to export your private messages at one go as we did it in case of Exporting Friends List. We will be getting the list of ids for all the conversations that you have and you have to click through each of them to get the detailed conversation history of that private message. Let me show you how to do that.

Export Conversation from Facebook using Graph Explorer

  • Login into your Facebook account and navigate to
  • Click on the Graph Explorer icon.

Graph Explorer Developer Tool

  • By default you should see your id and name (refer Export Friends List from Facebook article for screenshot).
  • Click on the Get Access Token button.
  • Click on the Extended Permissions Tab, select the read_mailbox check box and click Get Access Token button.

Extended Read Mailbox Permission

  • Graph Explorer API will request for permission to access your profile. Click Okay.
  • In the text box beside the GET button, remove the below query


and paste the below query. Click Submit button.


Graph Explorer Query

  • You should now see the data populated as shown below,

Export Conversation from Facebook

  • Each id that is displayed above, is a conversation history that you had with each individual.
  • Click on the each individual id to Export Conversation from Facebook.
Hope this was useful to Jerra M, I thank him for his wonderful question that provided me an opportunity to craft an article. If you think this was useful, kindly request you to share it.