Everybody would love to keep some of their stuff away from other people which is personal to them. Let’s say you brought a brand new Android device that’s going crazy in the market and you have loaded some personal pictures/videos in it.

When you meet your friends or your colleagues they are very much excited to see that you have got a brand new phone and would love to just explore it to see what cool features it has. We all know that everybody respects privacy and your colleagues / friends have no intention to peek into your personal stuff but it just happens to be there when they look into a picture that they just took seconds in the gallery, so how to keep your personal stuff stashed?

One way of doing it is by using Apps. We have Apps for anything and everything but how about learning to do it the easy way?

The easiest way to hide videos and pictures on Android is by making use of the special folder called .nomedia, let us quickly see how to do that.

Steps to Hide Videos and Pictures on Android

I assume that you already know how to create a folder in your Android Phone. You would require a folder browser App if your phone doesn’t provide one by default. I use File Manager App which you can install if you don’t have one.

  • Once you have installed File Manager, Open it.
  • Click on Create Icon to create a New Folder, you can create this folder in the root directory or you can also create this inside another directory.

create folder option

  • Name the Folder as .nomedia

Hide Videos Pictures using nomedia

  • Now choose the picture/video that you want to hide and select Move option.

Move the file you want to hide

  • Now navigate back into the newly created .nomedia folder and paste the file.

Paste the file in the nomedia folder

That’s it, now all your pictures/videos that are inside this .nomedia folder won’t be visible in the gallery. When you want to view the hidden files you can directly go to this folder and view them.

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