Regain is a Java based desktop search engine which is based on Lucene.Ever used Google, well that’s the dumbest question of the century isn’t it? So Regain is something similar to Google and could also be considered as Google Desktop Search Replacement.

How would you feel if you are able to search inside your computer like Google? That’s the experience Regain provides. Let’s quickly install Regain and take a look at how it performs.

Installing Regain Desktop Search Engine

  • Download the portable regain desktop search engine from this location.
  • Extract the “regain_v2.1.0-STABLE_desktop_win” zip file and click on the regain Executable Jar File.
  • Your browser will be opened up and display a message as shown below,

Regain Desktop Search Engine

  • As mentioned in the above message the regain symbol will show up in the taskbar in the right bottom corner of your screen.
  • Right click on the regain symbol in the taskbar and click on Preferences

Regain Preferences

  • First Specify the Indexing Interval, and then enter the drives in your computer that you would like to index under Directories as shown below and click Save preferences.

Enter drives you need to index

  • Now when you mouse hover on the regain symbol in the taskbar you should see the below message:

regain – Updating index

  • You can also navigate to http://localhost:8020/status.jsp to know the status of your indexing. Please note that the port number may vary in your system.
  • Click on the Enable button next to the “Update this page every 5 seconds” message, to auto refresh the page.
  • Once the indexing is completed you should see “Currently is no index update running” message under Running index update section.

Observations on Regain Indexing

For demo purposes, I started indexing on one of my drives which is of size 97.6 GB



  • The total time that was taken for indexing is less than 15 minutes which is cool.
  • The search index data is stored under the extracted folder where you regain executable Jar file resides under a folder called searchindex. The size of the index data files are around 373 MB.
  • You can also refer to the log folder to see which files are not picked up by the indexer.

Desktop Search Using Regain

I quickly searched for the text “Teddy Bear” to see the search results that Regain is returning and how long does it take.

See the below screenshot for the results,

Desktop Search Results by Regain

As you can from the results, the file name is also looked up for the keyword that you search for.

As I mentioned in the beginning Regain uses the search syntax of Lucene so you can use Boolean operators, wildcards, Phonetic search, etc.

One another important thing to know is that Regain is not just restricted to desktop search you can also index a server and perform a search on it. They also have a forum where you can discuss more about Regain.

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