Do you work in a company where you are constantly monitored on the applications that you work on? Is it very tedious to watch movies or listen to music when you have no work left to do? Are you unable to check your personal emails and browse the internet freely?

Though it is correct from company’s standpoint to block internet and YouTube since most of the employees misuse these services, it is also not acceptable to monitor the applications and restrict your employees from Internet.

Anything and everything can be overridden and the below work is one such example by a brilliant excel power user. These excel workbooks can actually help you to browse the internet and watch movies without worrying about monitoring processes.

Download the zip file from the below path:

Extract the file contents,

You should find two excel workbooks,

Excplorer is for browsing Internet. Open the Excplorer workbook and go to Sheet 3 and click on START word on the Cell C3 to launch the browser application.

Browser Application within Excel

Player is for watching your favorite movies.Open the Player excel workbook and provide the path of your media file in the Playlist sheet then go to the Controls sheet and click the Play button.

Excel Video Player Controls

Both the browser and the video player are taken in to account as Excel Process only, so there is no way for someone to find out what you are doing on your computer.

An amazing work by a power user, so a big thanks to him. Share and spread the knowledge so that more of your friends are also aware of this.