Hey there, blogging is the most heard mantra buzzing in and out of the web sphere and everyone is walking, jumping, riding and sometimes yeah if affordable they fly towards it. Back in the old days when I was a student I saw everything as just websites, lack of knowledge of course. But today kids are smart enough to know what blogs are, what blogging is all about and they dream and grow to become a blogger.

This article could be useful for a beginner who is already into blogging or for someone who has just stumbled into this new alien term blogging or for anybody else who has accidentally tripped into this article due to the catchy title.

Why Should I Blog

When you just ask yourself the question “Why should I blog? Whats in it for me” and when you don’t have a valid reason, i could just help you there by providing umpteen reasons for “why should you really blog”. Yeah I know I can hear you well and agree that you could also give me plenty of reasons why shouldn’t one blog, that’s what the comments sections are for so feel free to utilize that area to the greatest extent you can.

Below are my Top 6 reasons that answers my own question “Why am i blogging?”

1) Keep yourself Updated

Continuous learning is required in today’s world and that will help you to pace up with things. Though you may have an area of specialization you cannot say for sure that you have been keeping yourself updated. Blogging will make your learn and will help you to stay updated. Its not just about you, once you are updated you can help others to be updated through your writings. Always remember knowledge grows by sharing.

2) How long should I hang on to the bar to grow taller?

Blogging will help you to understand that Patience is Virtue. It will test your patience and will push you towards the edge of the cliff and all you have to do is just hang on to it. You will always hear the inspiring stories and watch those flashy interviews of how people became successful bloggers but behind those ‘party times’ there were some dreadful solitary refinement too, Hard work is the mother of Success. Blogs that were once empty with comments and followers are now brimming with thank you notes, likes and tweets. It’s all just because, the bloggers were persistent.

3) Socialize

When you connect with people who share your passion and dreams you are more prone to success. You may not know your strengths and weakness when you are just within your friends or family circle. Blogging is an excellent medium to connect with people. Your readers will let you know what you are good at and will point out to you where you should improve. With social networking sites like twitter, Google+ and Facebook I don’t think there are any restrictions to reach out to people, you don’t believe me? Well try clicking the links here and do let me know if you can’t reach me.

4) Blogging Polishes your Brain

Blogging can make you an innovator, an out-of-the-box thinker, keep you more focused and sharp. Once you start blogging you will start paying attention to those small details that you would have missed earlier. Blogging will make you play multiple roles at a time. You will be a writer, proof reader, developer, designer, critic, marketer and many more all by yourself.

5) Wow I am famous!!!

There are many legitimate ways to become famous and the best of all is blogging. Bloggers are famous and are the celebrities who walk the red carpet of the blogosphere. You are well known to lot of people and you are followed very closely on the web. People will recognize you instantly. You are coined as expert in your field. You will be highly respected and admired. But all this doesn’t happen over the night,blogging will take your time and test your endurance just like any other profession does.

6) Your clock is ticking, so is mine

We spend most of the time by just watching our clock tick and doing nothing. In any field, time management is an essential factor to succeed and blogging will eventually train you on that. If you aren’t managing your time then you are left behind in the tracks of the grand world race. A blogger always has to post his articles on time either to build his readers base or quench the thirst of existing readers. A blogger has to spend time to learn new things, respond to emails he has received, build new network, make sure his blog reaches everyone and yes he has to write articles too. A Blogger does many more things than what I have pointed out here, just listed very few things  so that i don’t actually scare you away from blogging.

What I have told you here is just the tip of an ice berg of what blogging can really do to you and why should you really blog. Are you one of those who had this question in mind ? Let me know how blogging has changed your life, i am all ears…