BleachBit is a cool little free utility that helps you to clear your Browsing History, Cookies, empty your temporary folders and the most important aspect is – it protects your privacy.The junk files that are deleted via BleachBit are unrecoverable.

BleachBit is written using a powerful markup language called CleanerML which is based on Open Standard, if you are interested in CleanerML you can learn more about it here.

BleachBit is available for both Windows and Linux. It comes in both Portable (6.33 MB) and installer versions (6.1 MB) which you could download from here.

How to Use BleachBit

It’s really simple to use this free little utility.

  • Download the portable version, extract the zip file contents.
  • Locate the bleachbit.exe and run it. There is also a bleachbit_console.exe which can be used for scripting and automation.

BleachBit - Free Up Disk Space

  • As you can see from the above screenshot the left pane has the list of applications that has junk files which can be cleaned up.
  • Check the check-box of the application that you would like to cleanup and click Preview which will show you the path where the temporary files are stored, how many files will be deleted and its size.

BleachBit preview unwanted files

  • You can then hit the Clean button to start removing those unwanted files.
  • There is also an option called Vacuum available for browsers which helps you to preserve your browser data as it is and also improves the speed and reduces the space.
  • There will be only limited number of applications displayed on your left pane, if you want more rules to be displayed for other applications you can go to Edit Menu, click Preferences and check the option “Download and update cleaners from community” option as shown in the below screenshot.

BleachBit Preferences Option

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