It doesn’t matter whether you are a writer, reader, speaker or blogger, just improve your vocabulary.

Recently I came across the below quote,

A picture can tell a thousand words, but a few words can change its story. – Sebastyne Young

That’s a wonderful thought, words are very powerful and they have the power to transform lives. The primary reason why most of us don’t bother to do it is because either it’s boring or we do it in the wrong way.

You pick a good fiction and when reading it, you come across words that you haven’t heard before. So what do you think is the best way to learn these words? Using a dictionary when you are reading the fiction will completely spoil it. How about jotting the unknown words in a paper? Both of these will approach will make you tired and pull you away from the book.

So what’s the best way to improve your vocabulary?

There may be lot of ways to do this but the best way to improve your vocabulary is by playing a game, what do you say?

Below are some of the websites that can help you to improve your vocabulary in an easy and effective manner.

For every correct answer they donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to end hunger.The words are pretty simple in the initial levels but gets tougher when you move to higher levels. There are 60 levels and you can switch to any level when you want.

Best Way to Improve Your Vocabulary

You can also change to other subjects like Identify Countries on the Map, World Landmarks, Famous Quotations, etc. for a break. You are learning for a cause, so let’s just do it.

You will be provided with a sentence and a word picked from that sentence. All you have to do is find the meaning of the word from the given list of options.

Just like playing a game you get hints when you are struck somewhere. You can also lookup the meaning of a word that is given in the options of a question.

Some of the sentences are picked from news articles of famous sites like New York Times, BBC, etc.

You need to sign up with either your Facebook or Google account to use vocabmonk. Once you signup you will be asked a question as shown below, choose what fits you and click start now.


Vocab monks have thematic categorization of words, from science to sounds.There is something called Bridles where you are challenged to construct sentences using the word that is displayed for you in less than 140 characters. Yes, you can improve your tweeting skills :-)

You can challenge your friends, gain points to move up the level, unlock hidden features, get a graphical analysis of your vocabulary and much more.

Select your grade and start testing your vocabulary skills right away. You will be presented with 20 questions and you get to see your score and vocab level on the right side of the screen.

Signup to track the vocabulary level you are at and play simple games that can help you to remember the words that you have learnt so far.

Check how fast and furious you are, using this quick thinking game. You will be provided with a single letter and beneath it you will find a definition for the word. You have to type the exact word to move forward to the next word.

The best thing about this game is that, it not only improves your vocabulary but also your typing speed, accuracy, speed of thought, observing skills, etc.

The 8 letters of a word will be scrambled and you have to rearrange and type it correctly.

Vocabulary Game

The words are simple but sometimes you may never find it, an interesting game that can leave you baffled. There are also other word games on this website, so feel free to try them too.

You can describe a concept and get a list of words and phrases that is related to your concept.

OneLook does this wonderful job by indexing hundreds of online dictionaries and websites. You can also use wildcard symbols in OneLook to search better.

A very interesting website that teaches you words using memes, a very funny and intuitive way to learn isn’t it?.

Improve your vocabulary using memes

You can also find CAT, GRE, GRE, IELTS word lists on this website.

Using mnemonics is the best way to remember something and this dictionary allows users to add their mnemonics which could be rated by users. If you haven’t used mnemonics so far, I suggest that you try them now.

Definr is an incredibly fast dictionary that will bring you words as you type them. It also has an extension for Firefox, check the tools section to know more about it.

Ninjawords is as fast as Definr except for the auto completion of words. It is a simple website to improve your vocabulary.

Vocabahead’s study room has videos, cross word puzzle, flashcards, etc that really changes the way you learn. If you are a teacher then you can create lists and share it with your students too.


VisuWords is a visual way to view and learn new words. Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are depicted in colors that could enhance your grammar and vocabulary quickly.

Enter a long word and get a shorter synonym for the same. Plugins are available for Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

Merriam Webster has been online since 1996. Quizzes, word of the day, new words etc. are the specialties of this website.

How many words can you guess in 5 minutes? The quiz provides a simple text box where you have to just type in the common words that people use in daily life, the task may look simple but it’s actually little difficult. Wanna bet? Then try it.

Often the best way to improve your vocabulary is to give a test and see how good are you. This online test helps you to evaluate yourself, try it and improve your vocabulary.

The Best Way to improve your vocabulary is to take a test

So how do you improve your vocabulary? Got a better way to do it? Share it with us.