Zip file format is very well known for its loss-less data compression capabilities and hence is being widely used across the globe for compressing files. There are lots of free tools available in the web today and hence I thought of saving you the time for picking your free zip file opener. Below is a list of free tools that were handpicked for you, try them if you haven’t or share your experiences if you have already used them.

Top Free Zip File Opener List

I would never say that the below list is a comprehensive one, because as I am writing this article there may be another tool getting ready somewhere in the corner of the world with better capabilities, so when I find one I will add it to the below list.


  • 7-Zip is a lightweight (less than one MB) free zip file opener that can be used packing or unpacking formats other than zip like 7z, GZip, TAR, etc.
  • 7-Zip installation is lightning fast and is integrated into windows shell which makes us wonder whether the installation has been done or not.
  • It provides a compression ratio that is better than the commercial products like PKZip and WinZip for formats like GZIP and ZIP.
  • Once you have installed 7-Zip, you can make use of the powerful File Manager that comes bundled with the software.

7 zip opensource software

  • 7-Zip also has command line options which you can use to compress your files.
  • 7-Zip works right from Windows NT till recent Windows 10.

If you are wondering if there are any drawbacks of using this free zip file opener, the ZipX format is not supported by 7-Zip, other than this I couldn’t think of any and I have also heard people say that the user interface is clunky.

Many are reluctant to use or never heard of this amazing tool, but believe me once you start using it I don’t think you would need any other tool.

You may ask, then why list other tools in this article? It’s is just to let you know that there are various options available and yes obviously opinion differs :-) so you can choose what’s best for you.


  • PeaZip is a cross platform (available for both windows and Linux) free zip file opener that comes in both portable and installer versions (6.4 MB).
  • Supports all major archiving formats like .RAR, .7Z, .CAB, .TAR and .ZIP
  • PeaZip supports .ZIPX format that was lacking in 7-Zip.
  • PeaZip IDE is feature rich and has got lot of options that you can tweak for your use.


  • The Split functionality in the PeaZip is a very useful feature that helps you to split archive files that are huge in size. Well I agree that you have lot of online storage options today but still the feature may come handy. Right click .Zip file, go to File Manager -> File tools and then click Split file.
  • It also has an inbuilt File Manager and Image Manager.


  • Filzip is yet another light weight (1.26 MB) free WinZip alternative.
  • It supports formats like BH (BlakHole), CAB (Microsoft Cabinet),JAR (JavaARchive), LHA (LZH), TAR and GZIP(TAR.GZ) other than .ZIP
  • Choose Multi Extract option from Extras Menu and add as many archive files you want and extract them all at one go.
  • You can also create an application file out of an archive file. Load the archive in to the IDE, Go to Actions Menu and try the Make .EXE file option.

Filzip Winzip alternative

  • You can Encrypt and Decrypt your zip files using Filzip. Go to Extras Menu and click Encrypt, add the file you want to encrypt and provide a password. If you are wondering what encryption algorithm it uses, it is Rijndael(AES 128)
  • You can also convert an archive from one format to the other, access Convert Archive from Extras menu.
So which of these free zip file opener is your favorite one? Using a better one? Share it with us. If you felt that this article was useful to you, hit the share button and spread the word.