Belarc Advisor is cool software that helps you to perform a self-audit on your computer system. Belarc Advisor analyzes your system and provides you a detailed report that can help you to know more about your installed software, security benchmarks, user accounts and hardware devices.


Download (3 MB) and install Belarc Advisor.

Belarc Advisor requires full administrator privileges to perform a complete analysis of your system, so just ensure to provide the same.

Belarc Advisor report file is generated and placed under the below path:
C: /Program%20Files%20(x86)/Belarc/BelarcAdvisor/System/tmp/(YOUR-PC-Name).html

Belarc Advisor Report

Let’s see what’s so special about Belarc Advisor’s report by taking a closer look at what is actually provided,

  • The report captures your Processor and Motherboard details, the Operating system you are using, Memory Modules (RAM), hard disk partitions and other basic System Configuration details.
  • The report also provides a SMART Status which gives you heads-up on your hard drive health.
  • The list of users on your system is provided and minute details like the privilege level, last logon time, number of logons, etc are displayed when you mouse hover on each user. It also gives the password age for each user. If you haven’t changed your password for quite a long time then this report will serve as a reminder for you.

List of users on your system

  • The antivirus that you have installed on your machine and its virus definitions version are listed.
  • The report gives you details on the list of USB Storage devices that were connected to your system in the past 30 days, fantastic isn’t it?

USB devices accessed

  • The complete list of hot fixes and their severity status is shown to you.
  • How many times have you searched for the product keys for the software that you install? With Belarc Advisor, software licenses on your machine are neatly listed down along with their product keys. This is something that may come very handy when you have to format your system and reinstall the software’s again.
  • The software versions and usage section is something that should be paid more attention to. It lists all the software’s that are installed in your system and beside each of them it places a mark. These marks actually depict how frequently you have used the software. For example, I haven’t used Google Picasa for over a year, so it places four marks as shown below.

Recently Used Software

Yeah I just got rid of that software from my system, why keep it when you don’t use it?

  • Click on the ‘i’ symbol beside the listed software to go to it’s installed location.

Note: Belarc Advisor is for personal use only, not for commercial purpose.

They have also recently released Belarc Security Advisor for Android devices so do check it out on Google Play Store.