You wouldn’t find a comparison among browsers on the internet without Firefox, an open source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation which has been in the market for around 11 years is still the heart beat for most of the users. This web browser has been ranked at number 3 as of July 2013 based on the worldwide usage [Source: Wikipedia]. The browser could be enhanced and geared up for a better user experience using Extensions. Though I personally feel that the add-on collections that Firefox offers couldn’t compared to what chrome offers, the below are some of the most valuable killer extensions that you could add to your Firefox browser which has been on my Firefox browser for a long time.

Firefox Logo

1) Thumbnail Zoom Plus

Recently this was selected as the best updated add-on in the Mozilla’s “Amp your Firefox contest”. As the name says this add-on will zoom and give you full size of a thumbnail image on which you mouse hover. You can enable or disable Thumbnail Zoom Plus on per site basis by accessing the extension’s options. You can also save the image by pressing the key “S” when zoom plus is in action.

2) FT Deep Dark

FT Deep Dark Theme

Deep Darkness with stylish blue just makes this theme clean, simple and quite appealing visually. The glowing effect on the tabs, opaque scroll bars with smooth transitions and animations just looks catchy and gives the theme a rich look. I can guarantee you that it will be one of the best themes that can dress up your Firefox browser. Right now it is supported on Windows XP and Windows 7, some of the users have reported that its works well in Mac too.

3) Leech Block

Maintaining a regular schedule and sticking to it is quite impossible as we tend to get easily distracted and get lost into lot of websites. Though some of the web sites are mandatory and serve as oxygen for our web life, you can just restrict yourself from accessing those websites when you are on your important daily activities. Leech Block can act as a reminder and block you from a website for a specific time that you set. Though the configuration looks a little complex, take my word it’s worth it.

4) Down Them All Firefox!!!

Down Them All can crawl your current page and list down the resources that are available for you to download. Just right click on any page on a website and click “DownThemAll”. You will find a dialog opened up for you with the list of images and videos on the Pictures and Media Tab. You have to just check those files you want to grab and hit the start button. It also gives you the list of links available on the website in the Links Tab through which you can save the pages that you like to your drive.

5) Turn off the Lights


Turn off the lights on your screen using this cool add-on when watching favorite videos on  web sites like vimeo, YouTube, etc. Everything except your video gets darkened on your screen to give you the effect that could keep you focused on the video without any distraction. You could also use this on pages that you visit during the night time to have a pleasant web visit. Go to the add-ons page and try setting more visual effects like atmosphere lighting around your video and create your own ambiance.

6) Self-Destructing Your Firefox Cookies

This is the best new cookie policy available for your Firefox browser. The cookies in your browser are self-destructed when they are no longer required by your browser. You can white list websites on which you don’t want SDC to monitor. This add-on has lot of features packed in it that can help you maintain your privacy better on the web so feel free to explore it.

Already loaded Firefox with awesome plugins that didn’t get my attention? Do let me know I would love to explore them too.