Gmail is a simple and clean email service provided by Google. We use Gmail everyday but are we using it effectively? If you are not sure then this article will show you how to use Gmail effectively.

You can improve your productivity by using these 11 simple Gmail tips given below.

1) Ignore dots in your email id

Got an email id with dots in it? You have to no longer use them when sharing your id. You can just ignore the dots and share your email id to someone. All mails sent using different dot combinations will just end up in your inbox only.

Gmail Email Id

For example, is same as

2) Undo Send

Ever had that oops moment when you had hit the send button without an attachment or sent an email to the wrong id? Well you can easily undo the email that you have sent. Click on the Gear Icon and go to Settings -> Labs and find the Undo Send, the radio button should be disabled, just enable it and click Save Changes.

Undo Sent Email

Now whenever you send an email you will see a yellow notification bar on the top with an option to undo your last sent email. The cancellation period cannot exceed more than 30 seconds and the default is 10 seconds. You can configure it by clicking on the Gear Icon , go to Settings -> General and find Undo Send section and change the cancellation period.

3) Gmail Tips you to add your attachment

When we send an email with attachment the word PFA is commonly used but if you miss the attachment no one is ever going to tell you about it. Instead of using PFA try rephrasing it into something like shown below:

Please find the attached file for your reference.

Now if you try to send an email without including an attachment, you will get the below alert message

Alert for missing attachments

4) Enable Preview Pane

You have to no longer jump to and fro between your mail messages and inbox. Enable the preview pane and read your emails easily. To enable the Preview Pane Click the Gear Icon and go to Settings -> Labs and find the Preview Pane section, the radio button should be disabled, just enable it and click Save Changes.

Enable Preview Pane

Now click on the Toggle Split Pane mode button to enable preview pane for your inbox.

5) Prioritize Stuff that needs your attention

Checking emails that aren’t important can eat up most of your time so make sure your valuable time is spent only on emails that are important and needs your attention.

Setting up Priority Inbox prioritizes emails and presents it to you. Click the Gear Icon and go to Settings-> Inbox, under Inbox Type section change the drop-down value Default to Priority Inbox and click Save Changes.

6) Send Email without Switching Accounts

Everyone uses multiple email accounts to cater different needs. What If you are on your personal email account and need to send an email from your business id? You no longer have to sign out and sign into the other account.

Click the Gear Icon and go to Settings-> Accounts, under Send mail as: section click Add another email address you own link and add your other email address. Don’t forget to click on the confirmation email that you receive in your newly added id.

Add Multiple email id

Once confirmed, when you compose your emails you will see a drop down that lists the newly added id in the From section. I have tried with yahoo, should work fine with other email service ids too.

7) Open multiple Gmail Accounts in the same browser

By default you won’t be able to open more than one Gmail account in the same browser. One workarounds is to access the other Gmail account from a different browser. But wait, what if you don’t have another browser? Worry not click on the Profile Icon, and in the popup click Add Account

Add Gmail Accounts
A new tab will launched to enter your other Gmail account username and password. Provide your username and password of the other account and now you can access both the accounts within the same browser.

8) Get all your emails delivered to one account

Read all your emails from one place instead of switching between multiple email service accounts. You can set up a Forwarding Address to which you want the emails to be forwarded.

You can set this up by clicking the gear icon and Go to Settings-> Forwarding and POP/IMAP, under forwarding section click the Add forwarding Address button and add the email id to which you want the emails to be delivered. Going forward all your emails will be forwarded to the other id you have configured. You will still have a copy in your original mailbox from where you are forwarding the emails.

9) Use Search Operators to locate emails faster

Gmail provides a list of search operators that you can make use of to locate the emails faster from your mailbox. For example if you wanted to list all emails whose attachment size is more than 10MB then you can use the size operator as shown below


You can take a look at the list of all search operators available here

10) Save what you type often

If you are replying back to a customer/client you may need a template to send them often, so why not create one in Gmail ? Canned Responses helps you to create your templates and use them when you need. You can enable Canned Responses by clicking the gear icon and go to Settings-> Labs and find Canned Responses, the radio button should be disabled, just enable it and click Save Changes.

Canned Responses

Now Compose a new email and type the message that you want to save as Template. Now click on More Options and Click on Canned Responses -> New canned response… and provide a name for your template and save it.

Next time when you compose an email you can just insert the canned response that you have just saved.

11) Filter them all

You can automatically screen and perform some actions on the emails that arrive into your inbox with the help of Filters. Filters can help you to automatically archive your emails, apply a label, forward it to another address, send canned responses or just delete it.

More Gmail Tips…

Shortcut Key to Send Email

You can use the shortcut key CTRL + ENTER key to send an email instantly.

So how do you effectively use Gmail? Do you have something to add, other than the Tips and Tricks that I have mentioned here ?