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Online Sounds to Change Your Mood

What do you do you do when you are in a bad mood or feel gloomy? I listen to music that quickly shifts my mood. What would you do if you would like to be in a certain atmosphere? Let’s say you wanted to have a hot cup of coffee inside your house when it […]

How to VLookup between Two Sheets in Excel

I have already written an article on Excel VLookUp which could help beginners understand what it is and how it can be used. That article is just a start and this article will help you move to the next step. This article will help you to understand how to create a VLookup between two sheets in […]

How to Show Duplicates In Excel 2010

If you are working on some important data analysis job then the uniqueness of the data is very important. When you have less number of values you can manually validate and remove the duplicates but when the values are huge, say in hundreds or thousands then manual way of doing things is not only time […]

Easy Way to Hide Videos and Pictures on Android

Everybody would love to keep some of their stuff away from other people which is personal to them. Let’s say you brought a brand new Android device that’s going crazy in the market and you have loaded some personal pictures/videos in it. When you meet your friends or your colleagues they are very much excited […]

Bulk File Rename Utility for Windows

Ever wanted to rename a huge set of files at one shot? There is a default method in windows that allows you to do this but it gives you very less or I should say no control at all. Let us first how to do it using the default method which may be enough for […]

Top Anonymous Email Providers

You may often land on a new product page or a website that offers interesting stuff but may require your email address in return. If you are not sure about the website and its authenticity it is often really difficult to give away your real email address, due to the volume of spam that may […]

Top Cool Websites That Can Steal Your Time Forever

Below is a list of cool websites that could take most of your time or all of it once you are into them. This list will never be a complete one, how could I possibly say that it’s a complete list, when thousands of websites are born every day. That’s why you don’t see a […]

Fastest Broadband Internet Service in Chennai

Chennai Metro City, though flooded with industries with rich infrastructure, still lacks high internet speed for home users. Are you paying too much for your internet connection with low internet speed? Are you planning to change your internet connection? You should then take a look at ACT Fibernet, which provides high speed internet starting at […]

List of Search Engines – Google Alternatives

When we hear the word search engine it is always Google, but do you know that there are also some alternative search engines available for you? Below is a list of search engines that I collated for your reference and use, but please note that this is not an exhaustive one, so I will keep […]