Piwik – Open Source Web Analytics

If you are a blogger then you should be definitely using an analytical tool like Google Analytics or StatCounter to monitor your site traffic details and other metrics. How about setting up your own web analytics system where you have total control over your website data? Say hello to Piwik, the open source web analytics(…)

How to Track Lost Android Phone

Losing your phone is the worst thing that could happen and tracking it down is a bigger problem. Though there are some applications available in the market to track lost android phone, let us see how to do it without any of them installed. Though you don’t need an app, you must ensure that the(…)

Setup Your Offline Wikipedia Using Kiwix

We all know that Wikipedia is the largest online knowledge vault, where people hang-on to get all kinds of information. But this information source is available online and you need an internet connection to get the information, how about having an offline copy of Wikipedia? We all know that we can build a website like(…)

How to Take a Screenshot – The Complete Guide

This is a simple guide that will help you to understand the options that are available to take a screenshot. You would take a screenshot when you are in any of the following situations: You have a problem with your system and you would like to take a screenshot of the error message so that(…)

Tails OS – An Operating System with Amnesia

Ever heard about an Operating System that doesn’t require you to format your system, install audio or video drivers, install antivirus or any basic software’s? Tails is its name, an operating system with amnesia Tails is a handy operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux that is packed with lot of in-built software’s by keeping security(…)

Use HTML Meta Refresh Tag to Refresh Your Page Automatically

You might have seen webpages that refresh automatically after a certain interval of time or webpages that will redirect you to a new page. The most common and easy way to accomplish this is using HTML Meta refresh tag. Let us quickly see how to use Meta refresh tag in a HTML page. This is(…)

Find Time Spent on Facebook

Facebook is an addictive and time killing social networking engine that the world has ever witnessed so far. A friend of mine recently called me up to say a few generous words on how well I am writing the articles (is it so? very generous indeed ). He works for reputed Software Company and fortunately(…)

How to Download Torrents

BitTorrent is a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file sharing protocol that is widely used around the globe today. A torrent is often referred to a file that can help you to download Software, Movies, TV Series, Music, Games, EBooks, etc. Prerequisites to download torrents You need an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that provides good bandwidth. You need(…)


In one of my earlier articles I showed you how to build a website like Wikipedia, now let me show how to build a lighter version of Wikipedia using DokuWiki. Lighter? Yes DokuWiki doesn’t need a database to start with. Since DokuWiki works on plain text files it is very easy to publish information within(…)

Pomodoro Technique

Better work – life balance is something that everyone requires and looks forward to, in today’s hectic life. Do you think that one can simply get over this by just complaining and doing nothing? There are things that will never change, so what can you do? Change yourself. So how do you change yourself and(…)